BPPA-VT to form new trade association

The Building Performance Professionals Association of Vermont (BPPA-VT) is holding their founding meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 4 pm at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. BPPA-VT’s mission is to promote and develop energy efficiency standards and advance the building performance industry in Vermont.

All parties interested in healthy, efficient buildings are encouraged to attend. All stakeholders will be invited to attend including gubernatorial candidates, Vermont’s U.S. legislators, trade school faculty, and all building trade professionals.

Vermont legislative statute 10 V.S.A. § 581 includes the following goals:

(1) To improve substantially the energy fitness of at least 20 percent of the state’s housing stock by 2017 (more than 60,000 housing units), and 25 percent of the state’s housing stock by 2020 (approximately 80,000 housing units).

(4) To save Vermont families and businesses a total of $1.5 billion on their fuel bills over the lifetimes of the improvements and measures installed between 2008 and 2017.

How can we accomplish this very important goal for Vermont?

The goals of this meeting are to establish a strong membership of stakeholders in the effort to improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial building throughout the state, and outline the association’s agenda for the upcoming year, which will include setting up an election for the board of directors.

Everyone interested should join BPPA-VT and register to attend this meeting by visiting www.bppa-vt.org.

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