TruexCullins invited to Paris design competition

Shelburne resident to present

David Epstein

TruexCullins Architecture and Interior Design is one of four firms invited by the American School of Paris (ASP) to participate in an international design competition.

In October, TruexCullins will travel to Paris, France to present their design. The TruexCullins team will comprise Principal and Architect David Epstein, AIA LEED AP, Project Manager Diantha Korzun, AIA LEED AP, and Pier Giovanni Spaziani, M.Arch.

“At TruexCullins, we are committed to creating healthy and productive environments,” imparts Epstein, “places that engage young people in 21st century learning.” Epstein, a Shelburne resident, has over 23 years of experience as a registered architect. He co-leads the Education Studio at TruexCullins, with a focus on K-12 and International Schools. Epstein has developed master plans and provided architectural services for schools in over 13 countries including: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and Ethiopia.

Korzun served as the project manager on TruexCullins’ recently completed King Arthur Flour headquarters located in Norwich, Vt. “We look forward to a vibrant competition,” she shares. “I am confident that our proposal will creatively meet the client’s needs.”

For more information about the international design competition, contact TruexCullins, (800) 227-1076 or visit

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