Trinity Episcopal Church welcomes new organist

by Margery Sharp

Anna Brom joined Shelburne’s Trinity Episcopal Church staff as organist and choirmaster.

The congregation of Shelburne’s Trinity Episcopal Church recently welcomed Anna Brom as she joined the church staff as organist and choirmaster.

A resident of Burlington for over two decades, Brom’s music study in piano began at the age of seven when she studied afternoons after regular school classes in Minsk, the capitol of Belarus, her birth country. Belarus is an independent country about the size of Poland. It is surrounded by five countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. The people speak Russian and Belarusian.

When Brom was 15, she began her music training at the Minsk Academy of Music and received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance as well as a teacher of music and orchestral conducting. In addition, her studies included other arts related to music, such as dancing and musical theater. She continues to enjoy any activity that combines music with other disciplines such as ice skating, theater, or dance.

Brom left Belarus in 1991 with her parents, husband, and two young sons. They entered the United States by way of New York City, but as refugees, they were sent to Burlington to begin their life in this country.

In the 21 years she has lived in Vermont, Brom has played in different churches around the Burlington area with five years at a Methodist Church and two years at a Congregational Church.

She also has played for numerous high school events, ballet classes, and once played the entire score on the piano for a Cole Porter musical performed by the students of Shelburne’s Lake Champlain Waldorf School.

“I like Vermont,” she said. “The people are nice, the countryside is beautiful, and I like the slower pace of life as opposed to the noise and rush of bigger cities.”

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