DRB Agenda

Development Review Board Draft Agenda

Wednesday, Sept.  5, 7 pm

Town Center Meeting Room 1

Agenda items subject to change prior to meeting date.

Call to Order

Public Comment

Topics not otherwise included in agenda.

Design Review Applications

a.) DR12-11 – William Alexander, 5997 Shelburne Road, Free-Standing Sign for Home Occupation Business

b.) DR12-05R1 – Vergennes Restaurant Group, LLC, 5247 Shelburne Road, Revised Signage Design for New Bakery/Cafe

Application SUB12-05

Application by O’Leary-Burke Civil Associates, PLC on behalf of Mike and Lynn Roberts for Sketch Plan approval to add four storage buildings and a maintenance storage shed to an existing self-storage facility. Request will require approval as a Commercial PUD.  Property at 3933 Shelburne Road is located in the Mixed Use Zoning District.

Application SUB00-3R1

Application by Civil Engineering Associates on behalf of ABC/MRC, Inc. and William Posey for Sketch Plan approval to resubdivide Lot #1 of a previously approved 2-lot subdivision, creating one additional lot. Property at 5800 Spear Street is located in the Residential Zoning District.

Application SUB12-06

Application by Civil Engineering Associates on behalf of L. Van Wagenen Family Trust and Charles & Valerie Maniscalco for Sketch Plan approval to subdivide a commonly-owned lot and merge resulting parcels with lots individually owned by each party. Properties at 221 Ordway Shore Road and 22 Silver Fox Cove are located in the Rural Zoning District and the Lakeshore Overlay District.

Application SUB03-04R6

Application by Craig Rittenberg on behalf of Paul Taheri and Paul and Paula Costello for Final Plan Amendment to PUD to modify a building envelope and complete a boundary line adjustment involving 0.38 acres. Parcels at 139 and 369 Monarch Road are located in the Rural Zoning District.

Consideration of draft decision for CH, LLC

Approval of Minutes

Aug. 15, Aug. 21

Other Business, Correspondence, and Adjournment

Deliberative Session to follow Adjournment, if needed

Participation in the proceedings is a prerequisite to the right to take any subsequent appeal.

Reasonable accommodations shall be provided upon request to ensure that this meeting is accessible to all individuals regardless of disability.

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