Specialty license plate purchases benefit Vermont Disaster Relief

By Jake Perkinson, Vermont Democratic Party chair

One year ago, Tropical Storm Irene swept through Vermont, leaving individuals, towns and communities devastated. Yet through the tragedy of the storm, we saw the incredible spirit of Vermonters.

In the immediate aftermath, folks came together – neighbors helping neighbors, community members sacrificing what little they had for others – to rebuild our state.

We know there’s still more work to be done, but we also know that Vermonters are working hard every day to continue to strengthen and empower impacted communities.

For Vermont to continue to rebuild, your support is critical. Please, take a moment and purchase an “I Am Vermont Strong” license plate. At $25, every plate brings the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund one step closer to providing resources for Vermonters who need our help the most.

From immediate response to long-term recovery, the Vermont Foodbank continues to send their trucks all over Vermont, keeping Irene survivors free from hunger with healthy meals. Did you know that one dollar provides six meals to each Vermonter? Please consider donating today.

Through strong statewide leadership and a partnership with local officials, Vermont has shown the nation how to come together in tough times. On behalf of the Vermont Democratic Party, I want to thank everyone who has shown their dedication and unwavering support the victims of Irene over the last year. It is a testament to how deeply we value community in our state and it makes me proud to be a Vermonter.

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