BCA demonstrates wood fire kiln during Art Hop

Burlington City Arts (BCA) is pleased to announce a special art education event taking place during The South End Art and Business Association’s 20th Annual Art Hop. On Friday, Sept. 7 at Pine Street Studios in Burlington, beginning in the early morning and ending at approximately 9 pm, BCA will present a demonstration of firing pottery in a wood burning kiln.

Wood firing is a traditional firing method that is inaccessible to most potters in the present day. BCA Clay Studio Technician Chris Vaughn and Josh Quinlan from Clay Construction and Shelburne Pond Studios will operate the 20-foot high kiln to fire dozens of clay forms and pots created in the BCA Clay Studio.

Firing clay to maturity using wood is the oldest firing method known to man. Wood fired pottery dates back thousands of years. A wood burning kiln is typically fired over the course of two to three days, but BCA will be using a Phoenix Fast Fire wood kiln during Art Hop that cuts the firing time to 12 hours. What makes this kiln even more unique is that it is mobile. Traditionally, a wood burning kiln is either built into a hillside or constructed to be a permanent fixture of a ceramics studio. This kiln sits on a 20-foot trailer and can be hauled to any given firing location, creating opportunities for public demonstration and education.

In addition to the wood fire kiln, Pine Street Studios will be open to the public featuring custom cycles by Matt Penney, prints, paintings and textiles by Sara Ryan, Creston Lea guitars, and work in metal by John Marius.

For more information about gallery exhibitions, special events, classes, and workshops, please call (802) 865-7166 or visit burlingtoncityarts.org.

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