Shelburne Rescue introduces new website

By John Kelley, Shelburne Rescue Membership Committee

The Shelburne Rescue Squad invites community members to take a journey down its road less traveled.  As Poet Laureate Robert Frost so eloquently reminded us, a “road less traveled” is often the most exciting of roads: a road of discovery; a most rewarding road.

If you would like to explore Shelburne Rescue’s road less traveled, begin with its new website Once on the new website, residents will discover the mission of the squad, its members, and how to join. You will discover people from all walks of life, in every age bracket from the teens to 70s, who are dedicated to helping people faced with unexpected medical emergencies.

Please feel free to drop by and visit at rescue headquarters, 154 Turtle Lane, located off of Harbor Road by the baseball field. The Squad will be more than happy to give a tour of the facilities, the ambulances, and describe possible volunteer opportunities. The only restriction for membership is age. Members are required to be at least 16 years old.

For those looking for new opportunities, new challenges, and new ways to give back to the community, the Rescue Squad may be a good option.

Few volunteer opportunities will give you a more supporting and rewarding environment. Whether you are interested in being an ambulance driver or caring for patients in the back of the ambulance, we’d love to explore the possibilities with you.

Take the journey of discovery. Start at the new website, or call the Squad at 985-5125.

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