CVU’s DeBrul “Steeles” the show for the win

by Kathy Williams

Redhawk quarterback Steele DeBrul rushed for over 300 yards and led Champlain Valley Union (CVU) to a 28-7 win over the Colonels Friday night in Brattleboro.

The Division I match-up under the lights didn’t start with a dominate CVU team. Four minutes into the first quarter Colonels’ corner back Tyler Higley intercepted DeBrul’s pass. The Colonels’ took advantage and used the drive to post a seven-point lead. A tough Colonel defense even stopped a CVU fourth and goal at the start of the second quarter. The Colonels lead would last until midway through the second quarter.

“DeBrul took control of the offense,” said coach Jim Provost. Six minutes into the second quarter, DeBrul’s 57-yard-rush touchdown was the start of a scoring run-away for the Redhawks.   Making his varsity football debut, CVU kicker Max Whitcomb booted his first of four extra points of the night.

But it takes a team to win a football game. “We played phenomenal defense and had phenomenal pass coverage,” said Provost.  Late in the second quarter a 20-yard-rush by Patrick Shea, an encroachment penalty against Brattleboro, and a picture perfect block by Redhawk’s offensive lineman, Timmy Halvorson, set-up the next DeBrul “quarterback keeper” TD and a CVU halftime lead.

In the second half, DeBrul connected with Ryan Beaudry and  Davis Mikell, respectively for the next two scores.  The Redhawk’s defense was instrumental in holding the Colonels to one touchdown;  sacks by CVU’s, Beaudry, Harvey Ottinger,  and Kyle Williams and tough defensive plays by Rex McCoy, Peter Wernhoff, Alex Bulla, Alec Distler, and Brad Bissonette ensured the Colonel offense wouldn’t score again.

The Redhawks prepare for their home match-up against Essex, Saturday, Sept.15 at 1 pm.

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