Train your dog to become a certified therapy dog

Gus, a certified therapy dog, brightens a pediatric patient’s day. Gus is handled by Karen Nolen of Hinesburg.

On Wednesday evening, Sept. 26, Steve Reiman, founder and president of Therapy Dogs of Vermont (TDV), Deb Helfrich, TDV’s director of training and certification, and her therapy dog Cora will visit the Charlotte Library.

The presentation, a collaborative event sponsored by the Charlotte Library, Pierson Library of Shelburne, and Therapy Dogs of Vermont will begin promptly at 7 pm and will share information about the organization, its certification process, and most importantly how therapy dog teams bring joy, offer comfort, and enrich lives. The one-hour presentation is free and open to the public.

Presently, TDV has 287 certified therapy dog teams regularly visiting folks at 137 sites across Vermont and beyond. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to be a part of this wonderful and life-changing effort.

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