Simple switches to spruce up any home

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Want to give your home a fresh look, but don’t have the time or energy for a complete makeover? Ditch the daunting DIY projects. Think small projects to make a big impact.

“I like to think that small changes create a mighty wow factor in homes,” says Jamie Wood, design expert. Change up area rugs according to season using natural fibers such as jute in the summer and shaggier materials in cooler months. Better yet, create your own custom rugs with kits like those from Vecco, which allow you to paint rugs using stencils to create patterns inspired by the season for a truly unique look.

Amy Lipnis and her partner Kristen Caissie, designers at Moon Canyon Designs, say that using real flora and fauna brings a room to life. If your home receives natural sunlight, try growing plants inside. Bright flowers in pretty and unique pots can bring great pops of color in your design.

“Unique and quirky elements will stand out,” said Brita Olsen, design and event planner for Brita Olsen Creative. Forget the matched set of glassware. Quirky or vintage mix and match glassware makes a unique statement and makes it easier for guests to remember which drink is theirs.

To stay up to date on the latest in DIY design trends, check out social websites like Pinterest or the Vecco Studio blog at

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