Entrance to Shelburne receives makeover

Shelburne Road has been transformed. The empty buildings at the corner of Bay Road and Route 7 at the entrance to Shelburne have been demolished. Demolition began on the four vacant buildings, including the Harbor Hideaway restaurant, a house, and a shed, before noon on Wednesday, Sept. 12. By Thursday afternoon, the old buildings were no more.

According to John DuBrul, the Automaster bought the property from longtime owner John Ondovchik, who passed away this summer. “The family gave me the right of first refusal when the property went up for sale. I just exercised that right,” said DuBrul, whose family owns the car dealership. The property, a 13.2-acre site that sold for $650,000 according to town records, will be used as a commercial parking lot for the car dealership.

“You know how it feels when you volunteer on Green Up Day,” Dubrul began. “This feels like Green Up Day on steroids,” he said enthusiastically. “We’re going to make Shelburne Road look nice again.”

The buildings from the corner of Bay Road to the Automaster car dealership on Route 7 were reduced to a pile of rubble by Keenan Construction of Winooski on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 12 and 13.

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