Stowe Foliage Arts Festival celebrates 30 years

Friday to Sunday, Oct. 5-7

Finding value is more important than ever, so it was no surprise that Craftproducers’ shows are so well attended.

“We really work hard to provide everyone with a wonderful weekend of arts, food, music, and entertainment at all our shows,” said Tim Cianciola of Craftproducers, Inc. That is especially true of our flagship show – The Stowe Foliage Arts Festival.

This year, the 30th Annual Stowe Foliage Arts Festival takes place Oct. 5, 6, and 7 at the Stowe Events Field in Stowe. The Foliage Show comprises:

• Over 175 jury-selected artists, artisans, and craftspeople in spectacular Camelot tents

• Food court with handmade wood-fired pizza and other fresh local foods

• Vermont cheese beer and sausage tent

• At large variety of craft brewed beers

• Liqueurs and spirits from local producers

• Live music

Artists, craftspeople, and artisans from all over the country are the core of the Festival and they offer a wide variety of items ranging from the traditional to the innovative. Everyone will find something for home or office or both…everything from lampshades to mirrors and from marble benches to birdhouses, the traditional to the funky.

Many of the items displayed cannot be found in stores and items are typically heirloom quality. And that’s part of the value. The crafts and art at the Foliage Show will last for decades, providing years of use and enjoyment for individuals and families.

“Part of the excitement of the show is getting to meet the artists,” said Cianciola. “You can’t really put a price or value on meeting an artist or artisan who do what they love to do.”

The food court has a wide variety of choices and features the Vermont cheese, beer, and sausage tent. In addition there will be a variety of locally produced craft beers, and show-goers can enjoy a wide range of spirits and liqueurs including Vermont Sapling Liqueur.

Superb music is a given at the Foliage Show. The Silver Leviathan Band and Prydein will perform rock/Scottish music. The band has a big fan base in Germany, performs at Scottish/Celtic festivals around the country, and has opened for The Red Hot Chili Pipers.

Visitors plan their fall foliage trips around the Stowe Foliage Arts Festival and come from all over the world including Japan and the United Kingdom. And, Mother Nature’s colors are at her absolute apex.

Based in Charlotte, Craftproducers has almost 35 years of producing and managing art, craft, and culinary shows, primarily in the Northeast. For more information, visit

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