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Coming soon… The annual Friends of the Pierson Library Book Sale will be here before you know it! The sale will be held this year on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 9 am-5 pm and Sunday, Oct. 7 from 10 am-3:30 pm in the Shelburne Town Gym. Please sign up if you can volunteer to help at the Book Sale. Sign-up sheets are available at the library’s circulation desk or call us at 985-5124 for available duties, days and times. The Friends of the Library greatly appreciate your help.  Heads up: as in previous years, the friends will not be accepting any new book donations after Sept. 30.

Backpacks for Kids: We have three exciting new backpacks for young patrons to borrow. They can be found in the hall outside the bathroom in the children’s room. Do you want to learn Spanish? Are you fascinated by creatures that live in the ocean? Do you think robots are amazing? Yes? Then we have a back for you. Available now are a Spanish Backpack, an Ocean Backpack, and a Robot Backpack.  Each backpack is filled with games, books, and other interactive material that you can explore at home. As in the past, please remember to leave all items in the backpack until you get home with them. There will be a card in each backpack listing its contents. Remember to check that everything is safely in the backpack before returning it to the library.

A reminder: Our popular ongoing Story Time Program is back. We are thrilled that our storyteller extraordinaire, Mary Catherine Jones, is here again for another year of marvelous stories, songs, and fun every Thursday morning at 10:30 am. Join us!

Another reminder: Next time you visit Pierson Library, take some time to enjoy the fabulous quilts displayed in our art exhibit space. Until the end of October we are thrilled to showcase 10 amazing and creative theme quilts from “Once Upon a Time,” the 2011 theme challenge at the Champlain Valley Quilters’ Guild Show. Guild member and former reading teacher, Ruth Whitaker, suggested the theme as a challenge to guild members to pair quilting and literature in an original quilt.  The members then voted for the quilt that best represented the theme and “The Night Before Christmas,” “Brothers at War,” and “Tristan and Isolde” won first, second, and third ribbons respectively. At the guild’s judged quilt show, “Tristan and Isolde” won Best of Theme.

“The Innocents” by Francesca Segal
Review by Gene Schinto

In a Jewish community in London, Adam is finally engaged to his high school sweetheart Rachel.  He will be marrying into a family that loves him, and he is already working for Rachel’s father’s law firm. Lovely and loving, Rachel is the perfect wife for Adam.

Enter Ellie, Rachel’s younger cousin returned to London from New York where she works as a model. She is everything her cousin is not: unconventional and independent, with a bad girl reputation. She succeeds in shaking up Adam’s world without really trying.

Though inspired by Edith Wharton’s “The Age of Innocence,” Francesca Segal’s novel is refreshingly original. It also has more to tell us about Jewish culture than “Moby Dick” has to tell us about whales.

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