Support Joan Lenes

I believe Joan Lenes is the best person to represent Shelburne District 5-2 in Montpelier. In her six years as representative, she has worked tirelessly on our behalf. Joan advocates for quality education and affordable health care. She works to help those in need during our touch economic times. She is never too busy to listen and follows through with our concerns.

Joan has been instrumental in passing a Corrections Bill helping to improve substance abuse and rehab programs for inmates and in creating jobs training and transitional housing for inmates.

Joan has reinforced statewide Smart Growth initiatives locally, voted for laws that limit local tax increases for spring flood victims, supported funding for bridges and roads, enlisted local community land trust to focus on the financing needs of mobile homeowners, and supported increased broadband accessibility for local and state constituents.

She has a commitment to Vermont and our district as evidenced by her many volunteer programs. Her years of service were recognized by the naming of the Joan Lenes Community Service Award at Shelburne Community School.

Joan will continue to work for our district and Vermont as she has done over the past six years. Re-elect Joan Lenes so we can go forward, not backward.

Pam Johnson, Shelburne

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