Joan Lenes “going forward”

This fall, Joan Lenes, Shelburne State Representative of District 5-2, is seeking re-election.  What does Joan bring to the local community this year, the year of economic and job development?   How often have you heard, “2012 is the year of jobs, jobs, jobs”?   From my perspective, Joan is associated with social institutions, schools, prisons, and families.  Some people ask, “What about jobs and economic development at the state level?  How are these institutions related to job development?

“Joan’s record speaks for itself.”

Her lifelong commitment to the youth and schools of Shelburne and St. George motivates youth to be constructively involved in all levels of current and future economic development through quality education and technical training.

“Youth development and rehabilitation IS economic development.”

Vote for Joan Lenes, District 5-2, to go forward and continue the “community and economic bridge building for everyone  in Shelburne and St. George.

 John H. Meyer, Ed.D, LCMHC, Adjunct Professor Champlain College and Norwich University

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