Getting started on your DIY projects


Fall is the perfect time to complete home projects you put off during the dog days of summer. There are a number of basic changes you can do right now that are easy and inexpensive.

Gear Up

Before starting any home improvement process, make sure your toolbox is equipped with basic essentials:

• A high-quality level/ruler that works horizontally and vertically is a must-have for anyone handy.  Opt for one with a handle to keep it in place while you’re measuring, leveling and getting a clean edge for drawing or cutting.

• A crescent wrench is a versatile tool with a sliding jaw that allows for use on different size nuts and bolts. Tighten any faucet in no time!

• Go beyond the flathead screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver and give yourself more flexibility in hard to reach places with a pivoting head ratchet screwdriver.

Remember, you can find the same quality tools and supplies online at a fraction of the cost of your local brick and mortar retailer. Visit for home improvement ideas and deals.

Easy Exterior Updates

Set your house apart from your neighbors by tastefully decorating your home’s exterior with lights, flags or pictures. To avoid damage to your home, use stainless steel siding clips for vinyl siding or brick clip hooks on brick walls and chimneys. These types of clips only take seconds to install, and unlike nails or screws, don’t create unsightly holes. Also, you can reposition or remove your decorations seasonally or whenever the mood strikes.

Quick Interior Updates:

You don’t need to have mastered the art of tiling to redo your kitchen or bathroom walls. Consider installing self-adhesive faux metal tiles to create a backsplash or decorative border. For example, carries tiles designed to look like brushed metal with an intricate embossed pattern. You can easily secure them to flat surfaces by simply pressing into place.  At $9.95 for a 27-pc set, you can affordably give your interiors a completely new look.

To give a new look to a room while avoiding a timely and costly project; consider painting just one or two accent walls.  This trick saves time and money and gives you the chance to select a bold color without overwhelming a space.

You don’t need to spend a fortune or hire an outside contractor to give the inside and outside of your home a makeover. With the right knowledge and tools, you can make the same high-quality improvements yourself.

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