NFL star inspires Buccaneers

Participants in the CSSU Buccaneer Football program were visited by Green Bay Packer football star Karl Swanke during practice at Palmer Field in Hinesburg last week. Swanke was an outstanding offensive lineman for the Packers from 1980-1986. He spoke to the players about believing in themselves, learning from their mistakes, and setting goals.

“It was wonderful for the players to meet and listen to a real NFL football player who shared his story and dreams with the team,” CSSU Buccaneers President Shawn Sweeney commented.

This year’s Buccaneer program has a record number of participants, 165 from grades two through eight, and represents players from Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, and Williston.

Green Bay Packer football star Karl Swanke, at left, spoke with participants in the CSSU Buccaneer Football program last week. Photo by Brittany Bissonette

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