“Navigating Your Children’s Future”

A college planning discussion Oct. 11 in Shelburne

What do three moms, college planning, and stellar results all have in common?  The answer is a perfect blend of professional expertise and personal perspective. This year’s second annual “Navigating Your Children’s Future” college planning discussion will include the panel of Margo Bartsch, founder of College Essay Coach, Anne Doremus, partner in the investment management firm of Hanson & Doremus, and Marie Thayer, founder of College Concierge.  They are hosting a candid overview on “Navigating Your Children’s Future,” Thursday, Oct. 11 from 10 am-noon at the Heart of the Village Inn, 5347 Shelburne Road, in Shelburne.

The format will be an engaging conversation about planning for the college road ahead.  Panelists will answer questions about college applications, compelling essays, investment management, and college visits. Topics include issues relevant to families starting with the freshman year in high school.

Bartsch coordinated the event with her two colleagues. “In my eight years since creating College Essay Coach, I have seen how smart planning leads to positive results.  I have worked with both Marie’s and Anne’s children in the college admissions process.  I thought it would be ideal to bring the essential pieces of the puzzle together in one place to reflect on our experiences and provide guidance.”

Doremus remarked, “The first step in developing any coherent financing plan should focus on understanding the all-in costs of the experience.  Room and board, travel, fees, books… tuition is just one piece of the total cost of attending college.  If college costs are fully funded, start developing a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy. During the college search process with my two sons, I saw firsthand how planning ahead can make all the difference.”

Thayer explained, “I have been in the parents shoes in navigating this process with my children and step-children.  I have been on campuses of New England liberal arts colleges, highly selective universities, and big state universities. Each has unique strengths depending on the student’s academic and personal interests.  Getting the student involved in college road trips helps them see to the goal ahead.  It makes all the extra effort with high school classes and activities worthwhile.”

Heart of the Village Inn’s owner Shona Lothrop commented, “Thinking about the future is an ongoing process that impacts our children.  Why wait until the last minute to make important decisions?”

Seating is limited. Please RSVP to Marie Thayer at 985-2707 to reserve a space.

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