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Return Schiavone to Montpelier

When my neighbor, George Schiavone, first told me he was coming out of retirement to run for his old representative seat again, I was so relieved. And impressed! Not many people would be that dedicated!

George, though, never took his eye off the Capitol. He’s a distinguished man who is concerned about what is going on in Montpelier–or more like it, what isn’t happening. “It’s frustrating to stand by and watch things not getting done. What is sorely needed is better balance. When I was representative for Shelburne, I was able to bring both sides together to solve problems by reaching out to leaders on either side. This isn’t being done now,” he shared.

We need his wisdom and balance to weigh in on Shumlin’s single payer health care plan and make sure it won’t kill our state’s businesses or raise property taxes through the roof.

My husband and I have a small family business that we’ve operated for 20 years and are very concerned that businesses will leave our state or be forced to lay off employees to fund this health plan. Our state is too small to afford this! It will also act as a magnet for those who simply want free health care to come to our state, plus it’s not necessary–Vermont has the lowest percentage of uninsured children in the nation, with only 2 percent of our children uninsured.

I hope you join me in voting for George on Nov. 6. We need him back in Montpelier!

Toni Supple, Shelburne

Joan Lenes: a politician with a clear value system

Why vote for Joan and continue to have her representing us in Montpelier?

Joan is an honest genuine and caring politician. She listens to all her constituents whether they agree with her politics or not. I had the honor of driving her around Shelburne a few weeks ago and I asked her why she stops at homes where she knows their vote will be otherwise? Her response,” These people are my constituents and I represent them. I have made a commitment to everyone. I represent and I stop at each of their homes.”

You know where you stand with Joan and if she says she will tackle an issue, she will. She is not afraid to stand alone in a controversial situation if she believes that it is the right direction to pursue.

Joan has represented us in district 2 for six years. I want her to continue to represent us because she is a politician with values that we all admire. Whether we are dealing with health issues, education policy, tax issues, funding for our infrastructure, or substance care, Joan is listening to us and making the best decisions for her constituents and the general public.

Please join me in voting for Joan on Nov. 6.

Connie Metz, Shelburne

Rummage Sale Bliss exceeds expectations

The Lake Champlain Waldorf School (LCWS) is happy to report that our annual ‘Rummage Sale Bliss’ fundraiser, held on Sept. 15, was a great success. People were lining up at 8:30 am to get first pick and the crowd was bustling all morning. We want to thank the Shelburne community at large for supporting the event. The event will net over $10,000 for the not-for-profit independent school. Dawn Mahar, one of the volunteer organizers, said planning has already started for next year, with a “best of sale” room and the possibility of pre-shopping on Friday evening. Feedback is welcome; please contact me with questions or comments:

Lisa Espenshade, LCWS

Support Geroge Schiavone

George Schiavone has a unique ability to motivate people to come together for a common purpose. George has applied his leadership skills, integrity, and hard work ethic in state government as our Representative in the past. These are critical times with serious issues to be resolved, so we need a person with exceptional experience to resolve these issues for us. We need George Schiavone to be elected on Nov. 6.

Georgia Jeffers, Shelburne

In support of Joan Lenes

The ideal representative to the Legislature in Montpelier is a person who maintains their close connections to the people and workings of their community while translating those issues into the broader state discussions and decisions being made in the State House. Joan Lenes personifies that ideal combination of local engagement and state responsibility.

I have watched Joan in her role as a member of the Champlain Valley Union High School Board as an enthusiastic supporter of Shelburne Business & Professional Association, as a strong and participating member of Charlotte Shelburne Rotary Club, and as a person who is always willing to discuss concerns, issues, and challenges that face individuals, organizations, our town, and our state. Joan puts her energy, her expertise, and her compassion to work for us all. We are fortunate to have such a committed and knowledgeable person as our representative–and she deserves our support in this election.

Rosalyn Graham, Shelburne

Schiavone for State Representative

It’s an honor to put in a good word for George Schiavone, candidate for State Representative in District 5-2 Shelburne and St. George.  I’ve have the honor to see firsthand George’s exceptional leadership ability put to use in a non-partisan way both in the legislature and on the Board of the Burlington Emergency Shelter as well as in other community activities.

We would be exceptionally well represented with George Schiavone in the legislature!

Bill Hogan, Shelburne

Vote for Lenes

The folks in Washington should take lessons from Joan Lenes. Her instinctive GPS doesn’t register your political persuasion or your income bracket. What matters to Joan is that you are a neighbor of hers. While other politicians draw lines in the sand, strut up and down those lines, and blow off the people in their communities who dare to disagree with them, Joan embraces the community. She listens to us and gets to work on the problems we face. When you go to the polls to vote, I hope you’ll look beyond those lines in the sand and vote for the person you know is going to listen and work for you! Vote for Joan Lenes!

Vicki Carleton, Shelburne

Re-elect Lenes

The citizens of Shelburne District 5-2 are fortunate to have two concerned, competent people running for the office of Representative in the Vermont Legislature. Both Joan Lenes and George Schiavone have been active in the Shelburne community for a long time and recognize the issues facing all Vermonters. That said, their positions on some of the central issues of the day are wholly opposed to one another. Joan supports a woman’s right to choose while George appears to want to limit it. Joan supports Death with Dignity legislation while George appears to oppose it. Joan supports Governor Shumlin’s universal health care initiative while George appears to oppose it. The list goes on but you get the idea.

Both are good people but their visions for the State of Vermont are radically different. These differences are stark and the stakes are high. Please vote.

We hope you will join us in reelecting Joan Lenes to the Vermont Legislature.

Linda Allen and Tom Sherrer, Shelburne

Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department needs you

The Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department will host an open house on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 7 pm for people interested in joining us to keep Shelburne safe.  You may have seen firefighters recruiting at the Shelburne Supermarket or at the soccer fields lately. We’re looking for new members because our numbers have dropped in recent months. While the amount of men and women serving on the department has declined, our calls continue to be steady.

These calls range from smoke detectors sounding an alarm due to low batteries to a neighbor’s house in flames. We regularly respond to automobile wrecks, sometimes extricating injured passengers, or simply cleaning up fluids so they don’t flow into Lake Champlain.  We provide marine response on the lake during the summer months and rescue people (and pets) that fall through the ice in the winter.

We train every Thursday night from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. The department is known throughout the region for its well-trained firefighters and experienced officers.  We strive to have all members trained according to national standards. And everyone is encouraged to build their skills and knowledge by attending classes and seminars. This seems like a lot of time to invest—and it can be. When I joined the department in 2004, however, I was told by the officers that “family comes first.”

I became a member of the department to make a difference in my community.   I have experienced the satisfaction of stopping a small fire from spreading throughout a home. I’ve helped extricate someone from a heavily damaged car, getting them to the hospital when minutes—even seconds—count. I’ve been impressed by your kids repeating the lessons they learned about fire safety when we travel to the schools every September. I’ve seen a family’s relief and gratitude when we tell them the 2:30 am beeping of their carbon monoxide detector was a false alarm. I don’t make every call; no member of the department does.  You “go when you can.”

The leadership at the Shelburne Fire Department understands that its firefighters have busy lives that include work, family, and other volunteer activities. This year, the department approved new bylaws that created a three-tier structure of membership: active, support, and auxiliary that allows for varying levels of commitment by our members. Please join us at the fire station at 7 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 16 to learn how you can help keep Shelburne safe.

Jim Brangan, Shelburne

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