Pierson Library introduces new logo

Kip Roberson, Director of the Pierson Library in Shelburne announced that the Pierson is being represented by a new logo that symbolizes both its primary function as a library as well as its sense of place within the Shelburne community. The Library is quickly evolving with the times and provides resources and materials well beyond the printed page. There are plans in the works to build a new facility that will replace the existing building, making the timing for developing a new logo to go with the new image very good.

The new logo reflects a sense of place by representing Lake Champlain and the view of the Adirondacks beyond. A rough crayon-style outline was used to help convey a sense of youth, an important demographic for the Pierson. The scene is cut into rectangular blocks representing books and e-readers alike. Active and colorful, the new logo provides a better sense of the atmosphere one actually experiences when visiting the Pierson Library.

Acorn Marketing provided the design as a pro bono project which included the creation of corporate identity pieces, a new design for the library cards as well as a QR Code (quick response code) that, when scanned with a mobile device, brings up the Library’s website.

“I contacted Sara Blum, the owner of Acorn Marketing, to see if she would be willing to donate design services to the Pierson. I was surprised at how quickly she responded and by her enthusiasm for the Pierson and all that we stand for,” stated Roberson. “It just goes to show how many people in our community are connected to the Pierson and that they value and appreciate the work that we do here,” he continued.


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