Girls try ice hockey for free Oct. 14

Chittenden South Burlington Youth Hockey (CSB) is offering an open house for girls ages 4-14 who have never played ice hockey. The open house will provide an opportunity for girls to try the sport free of charge on Sunday, Oct. 14 from 2:40-3:40 pm at Cairns Arena in South Burlington. CSB is committed to introducing and teaching girls the sport of hockey.

Participants will need to bring a helmet, ski/hockey gloves, and skates. Girls that do not have skates will be able to use Cairns Arena rental skates without charge. There will be music, on-ice activities, and small gifts for each participant. In addition, the St. Michaels College girls hockey team will interact with each attendee.

During the hockey season CSB offers different opportunities for girls ages 4-14 including a new “house program” that will meet weekly while other more competitive options will involve 2-3 practices a week. Plan to bring interested girls to Cairns Arena on Oct. 14 for the free open house. For more information about the open house, ice hockey, or CSB please contact Brent Truchon at or visit

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