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Re-elect Joan Lenes

I am enthusiastically supporting Joan Lenes in her bid for re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives.  It has been my pleasure to know Joan for more than 25 years and I never cease to be impressed by her commitment and dedication to family, friends, and community.  Not only does she bring extensive experience to the position but also a deep understanding of the issues. She is fair-minded, willing to listen thoughtfully to all points of view, unafraid to take a stand, and diligent in her efforts to protect the ideals of her constituents.

Beyond these traits, which we all expect but frequently find lacking, Joan is of unquestionable integrity. There is so much more to Joan than an individual can possibly glean from campaign debates and general politicking.  Firstly, she has the biggest heart of anyone I know and at the risk of using platitudes; she would give you the shirt off her back. As a mother and wife, she is loving and supportive. As a friend, she is compassionate and loyal. As a community member, she is constantly involved, caring for the well-being of young and old, well and sick, rich and poor alike.

We are very fortunate that Joan has chosen to bring her passions into the political arena. She will continue to contribute countless hours to represent us intelligently and fairly. In conclusion, Joan is an asset to our district and Vermont as a whole. Let’s not be foolish enough to lose her.

Lee Rosenberg, Shelburne


George Schiavone for State Representative

I have known George for many years and served with him in the Legislature. George is well versed on issues and diligent in obtaining information. He worked very hard to represent his district. George was respected in the House and was known for working in a bi-partisan way. He is a wonderful family man and active member of his community.

Shelburne and St. George would be well served with George Schiavone as their Representative.

Connie Houston, Ferrisburgh


Lenes deserves another term

What you first notice when you meet Joan Lenes is her warm smile and intelligent sparkling eyes. She listens deeply to what you have to say. What is obvious as you speak to Joan is her compassion and her commitment to meeting the needs of her constituents.  She is willing to have any conversation and considers all perspectives in her decision-making. In serving the needs of the people in her community, she has proven time after time that she has what it takes to work hard and get the job done. She also speaks for those who may not have a voice, with the belief that improving the life of each individual, improves the quality of life for the community at large. Joan is straightforward and there is never a question of where she is coming from. There is nothing self-serving about her and she is a truly a model of public service. Her agenda is your agenda. We will be lucky to have her serve another term.

Jane Melrose, Shelburne


Book sale success

The Friends of the Pierson Library want to thank everyone who generously donated their books and their time to make this year’s 48th Annual Book Sale a success. It’s an impressive accomplishment for such a small town to continue to produce a sale of this magnitude each year.

Some individuals deserve special recognition. This year Paul Goodrich and the Shelburne Highway Department prepared the trucks for a downpour which fortunately stopped just before loading time. We are very grateful for their preparations and for the moving of the books to the Town Gym. Shelburne Boy Scout Troop 602 helped load and unload mountains of boxes. Inger Dybfest and Gene Schinto sorted and packed tons of books. Katherine Elvin of Lafayette, Colo. designed the poster art.

Special thanks go to Library Director Kip Roberson and his staff who once again not only put up with months of chaos but helped move books, created letters for posters, and assisted in the cleanup of the mess at the end. We couldn’t do this sale without their support.

Thanks again to all the Friends Board members and their families who show up for all the difficult jobs. We will resume collecting books for next year’s sale in November.

Patricia Elvin, Shelburne


Support Joan Lenes

Joan Lenes should be returned to Montpelier to champion the interests of District 5-2 residents. She puts her unending energy into representing her constituents, and all Vermonters, in her committee work and with every thoughtful vote she casts.

I am proud to work with Joan as Shelburne representative on the CVU school board. She grasps issues quickly and thoroughly and works hard to understand various perspectives on any given question. I was particularly impressed with Joan’s acumen and practicality when a board committee provided an update of a recent collective bargaining stalemate. Joan listened carefully to the concerns of both sides and matter-of-factly offered a possible solution. Her idea was proposed and adopted by all parties.

In her two terms as our representative, Joan has been a strong community advocate and has devoted herself to the people of Shelburne and St. George. She listens carefully and acts as the voice of the people. Joan’s compassion, unyielding sense of fairness, and commitment are qualities we should have in the legislature.

Susan Holson, Shelburne


Schiavone has skills for the job

Voters of Shelburne have a “second chance” with George Schiavone’s decision to run against Joan Lenes this November. As former editor of the Shelburne News, I had the opportunity to watch George in action through his involvement with many Town Committees and his volunteer efforts. I have seen firsthand his approach to resolving issues: he gathers feedback and opinions from both sides of the hall. It is a powerful skill set, and a much needed one in the often polarized hallways of Montpelier. But it is his keen mind and his intelligent insights into the issues faced by our state and its residents that make him the ideal choice to represent Shelburne. Return Schiavone to the District 5-2 seat in the Vermont House of Representatives where he is willing to again bring his skills and intellect to the table, at a time when both are much needed.

 Margo Callaghan, Shelburne


Re-elect Baruth

On Nov. 6, I urge Chittenden County voters to cast a ballot for the reelection of Senator Philip Baruth.  A member of the Education and Agriculture Committees, Philip is a dedicated and hardworking Senator, not afraid to tackle the difficult issues with an eye for what is best for Vermonters. Chittenden County residents are fortunate to have an educator like Philip, a UVM professor, on the Education Committee formulating education policy while also taking into consideration its monetary costs.  Philip also is very interested in assuring that the food that Vermonters eat is free of harmful components.  As a senator for the next two years, Philip will continue to carefully study the issues, ask the tough questions, and evaluate what is best for the residents of Chittenden County and all Vermonters.  Please cast a vote for Senator Baruth.

Toby Knox, Shelburne


Support George Schiavone

It was a pleasure to serve in the Vermont House with George Schiavone.  George was a great mentor.  He knows how to get things done, and worked every day to make Shelburne, St. George, and Vermont better places.

Perhaps the most important accomplishment as a result of George’s years in the House was getting the Velco transmission lines buried.  George worked tirelessly with the Selectboard, the Ad Hoc Velco Committee, the Legislature, the Governor, the Public Service Department, and Velco during the proposal stages to minimize the negative impact on Shelburne of the new power lines. With his work, the effort to get the lines buried in the northern part of town was successful.

Overhead power lines would have had a serious negative impact on Shelburne.  If you follow the overhead lines in South Burlington just west of Route 7, you’ll find that this land in South Burlington has become much more urban. We can thank George for his part in keeping our beautiful lakefront views.

Joyce Errecart, Shelburne


Choose Lenes for State House

I support Joan Lenes for re-election to represent Shelburne in the State House.

My family and I moved here eight years ago and I have known Joan since she took office six years ago. She is the best kind of representative–hardworking, collaborative, and very accessible at weekly coffees which are comfortable, diverse, and where lively discussions take place.

I also remember her challenger, Mr. Schiavone, from the time we were just deciding to move here to be closer to my husband Tom’s childhood roots. To get a sense of this place, we naturally visited the school and Tom looked up the Shelburne representatives’ voting records. Both were republicans: one had co-written the landmark Civil Union law giving certain legal rights to committed same-sex couples, but the other representative, Mr. Schiavone, opposed it prominently. So we now find it ironic that he refers to “diversity” as motivation for running. In true diversity, Vermonters in all families are represented and given the rights we all share.

I have known Joan Lenes to listen to–and truly hear–all of us in the important work she has done over the past six years; sending her to Montpelier for her next term is a move forward. And that is why I am strongly endorsing her candidacy.

Vicky Tamas, Shelburne


Alice Brown for MVP Game Changer

I nominated Alice Brown for the MVP Game Changer contest. Anyone who has gone through the Shelburne Community School in the last 11 years probably knows Alice and would agree she is a volunteer extraordinaire! Please go to the MVP Game Changer website www.mpvgamechanger.com and vote for Alice Brown!

Justin Hameline, Shelburne


Vote for Joan Lenes

I would openly like to declare my support of Joan Lenes for Shelburne Representative in Vermont’s Legislature. Joan has already had six years of experience in Montpelier. I have known her for five out of these six years, when we were first introduced I was a senior at Champlain Valley Union High School. As a recent college graduate, I can happily say that we are still in contact today and have a great time when we are able to visit with one another.

Joan is an extremely committed person when it comes to her job and her constituents. She treated my political concerns as a 17-year-old student with much consideration, as she still does today. I can always depend on her to make time for my opinions and needs, no matter what the request or issue. Joan Lenes goes beyond what is expected of a legislator; she is my friend as well as my representative. She has done a great job serving so far. It would be nothing but a benefit for Shelburne residents if she continues in her current position in Vermont’s government.

April Hillman, Shelburne


Re-elect Lenes to House of Representatives

I’m supporting Joan’s reelection efforts because I know she will continue to work hard for all constituents as she has for the past several terms.  I know she is running for all the right reasons.  She thinks long and hard before she makes a decision and takes into account everyone she is representing. She truly loves the Montpelier experience and does not take it lightly. She would never throw her hat in the ring just to be a Democratic presence on the ballot and then resign shortly after so that another will be appointed as Mr. Shiavone has done in the past. He announced his retirement several years ago and then declared his candidacy only to step down after he was elected. He did not complete his last term and Mr. Dates was appointed to complete it.  George’s new candidacy feels too much like deja vu to me.

Joan is hard working, thorough, and respectful of everyone and truly values and respects the position she holds in Montpelier, that of your elected representative. We can count on her to run and serve in good faith and for the full term and to represent all regardless of their political persuasion.  We can be proud of the work she has done in Montpelier. Please join me in supporting Joan’s reelection to the House.

Sue Martin, Shelburne

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