Newberry Cup winners announced

Coach Rob Achilles, photographed with his juniors team, was presented the Joe Cenis Volunteer Award at the Newberry Cup on Saturday, Oct. 13 in Shelburne.

A total of 22 teams, four at the intermediate level, eight teams at the junior level, and 10 at the Mites level, participated in the annual Newberry Cup on Saturday, Oct. 13 in Shelburne.

Intermediate level winners were the Red Stingers coached by Jay Pricer and Rob Achilles.  Red Stingers players were Aiden Achilles, James Bernicke, Ona Bick, Sydney Deavitt, Kacey Gorton, William Joczik, Jackson Konowitz, Asa Lawson, Clara MacFaden, Emma McMahan, Julia Pell, Aiden Pricer-Coan, Lauren Regan, Michael Walsh, Adalia Williams, Rowan Williams, and Noah Witt.

Junior level Division 1 winners were the Panthers coached by Andrew Marks and Jeff Beer.

Players included Lindsay Beer, Drew Buley, Lily Clark, Mikey Delaportas, Erik Jensen. Edward Joczik, Helena Kerest, Isaac Krementsov, Teddy Lakoski, Markos Lissarrague, Joe Marks, and Gabrielle Witt.

Junior level Division 2 winners were the Orange Pickles coached by Rob Bingel and John Marcoe. Orange Pickle players include Sebastian Alessi, John Bingel, Eliza Brooks, Ali Kadic, Madeline Krupp, Duncan Mackenzie, Henry Marcoe, Alex Meade, Anthony J. Seidita, Ella Suchecki, Samuel Whitcomb, and Neva Williams.

Established in his memory in 1994, the Joe Cenis Volunteer Award, is presented to a volunteer who has given of themselves, through hard work, energy, and enthusiasm to make the Shelburne Rec. Soccer Program enjoyable and successful. This year’s award was presented to Rob Achilles, for his many years of coaching, especially since most years he has helped coach two teams.

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