The Rancing Revolution kicks-off anti-bullying event Oct. 20

Join the Revolution at 11 am at the top of Church Street

Rancers from left to right: Margie Beyer, Allison Mott, Francis Ayombil, Ben Hardy, Abbi Jaffe, and Kailee Brickner-McDonald.

In support of National Anti-Bullying Month, Facebook and social media sites have been abuzz with messages opposing bullying. Vermont’s newest non-profit organization, founded by Shelburne resident Corey Richardson, is well poised to join the conversation.

Introducing the energetic activity of Rancing (a combination of running and dancing) the Rancing Revolution engages the public in a new conversation about bullying, one that includes adults as much as it does children. When you see something outside of the social norm (someone Rancing to their own Beat, if you will), illuminated in eye-catching neon green is a question directed to us all: “Why Bully?” Why choose to react to any kind of difference or diversity with judgment or negativity when you could choose instead to smile, encourage, celebrate or even join the revolution yourself?

Executive Director Corey Richardson, MSW and co-founder Kailee Brickner-McDonald, M.Ed describe Rancing as a form of ‘happy activism.’ Richardson (CVU class of 2002) is quick to point out, “Bullying is a problem we are all implicated in. We live in a culture that often supports and perpetuates violence and bullying behaviors, and even though there are so many of us out there that want to live in a kinder world, sometimes we just aren’t as visible. Rancing is about taking a stand against bullying by actively creating its positive counterbalance. We overcome our own fears and inhibitions to shine as brightly as possible and show the world that there are more of us out there than we think that are practicing acceptance, peace, and kindness.”

In coordination with National Anti-Bullying Month, Rancing Revolution is hosting its first public event Saturday, Oct. 20 at 11 am on Church Street. Come shine bright and take a stand against bullying! Rancers will travel from the top of Church Street to Main Street, cross through City Hall Park and end at the Waterfront Boardwalk.  For a $25 contribution, all participants will receive a ‘Rancer’ t-shirt and Rancing Revolution bumper sticker. Participants can learn more about this social initiative, watch video, and Join the Revolution prior to this event on the organization’s website

For more information please contact Corey Richardson at (802) 598-9491 or

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