Community panelists needed for Grad Challenge presentation day

Friday, May 18

Alex Feldman learned to play the bango for his Grad Challenge project.

On Grad Challenge presentation day, seniors make formal presentations to panels composed of community members and CVU faculty.  Panelists have found their participation in this special day to be an exciting and inspiring experience.

 The day is divided into three sessions. During each one and one-half hour session over 25 classrooms are filled with students, panelists, and audience members to listen to three or four seniors make presentations about their Grad Challenge projects. Each presentation group is loosely organized in a topic category.

• Recreational Wellness (includes sports, outdoor recreation, fitness, coaching)

• Science/Math (includes medicine, environmental science)

• English/Foreign Language (includes journalism, writing, sign language)

• The Arts & Entertainment (includes all visual and performing arts)

• Technical Education (includes computers, automotive, construction)

• Business Education (includes retail, investments, management)

• Social Studies/Education (includes teaching, law, politics, international aid)

• Life Skills/Health/Other (includes culinary, animal care, fundraising)

Panelists listen to presentations, ask questions, and evaluate student presentations (based on an established rubric). All panelists are asked to attend a brief orientation immediately prior to an assigned session. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

We recommend that parents of seniors not participate as panelists. This will leave you free to watch your child’s presentation and celebrate the day.

To volunteer as a panelist, please contact MaryAnne Gatos, CVU Community Learning Coordinator, or 482-7195.

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