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In support of George Schiavone

After knowing George Schiavone for 50 years, we continue to be impressed with his energy and commitment to helping all people in whatever way he can.

He uses his engineer’s mind to analyze problems and determine the best solution.  His skills in working with people as well as his leadership ability were evident in his role as manager of engineering at General Electric and carried over to his experiences as Shelburne’s Representative to the Legislature.
Many, many people who needed a “hands-up” have benefited from his tireless efforts as chairman of the Burlington Emergency Shelter.  It wasn’t an empty title; he got in there and worked.
His strong and loving family is a tribute to his values and his influence.
Thank you, George, for your willingness to again serve the people of Shelburne and the state of Vermont.

Bob and Joanne Jarrett, Shelburne

The choice is clear

This November, we are enthusiastically supporting Joan Lenes’ re-election as our State Representative from Chittenden 5-2.  Joan’s experience and thoughtful approach to the issues affecting all Vermonters gives us confidence that our state is moving in a positive direction.

Joan’s knowledge and passion for ensuring a quality education for our children, accessible and affordable healthcare, and rebuilding our state’s infrastructure demonstrates her commitment to current and future generations.

We are impressed by Joan’s kindness and thoughtful approach to legislating as well as her daily life.  It is Joan’s ability to listen to all sides of an issue and provide concrete solutions that has given her a strong and positive reputation in representing her constituents.

We are proud to support Joan’s re-election as our State Representative.

 Ben Eisenberg and Molly Nilan, Shelburne

Raise $1,000 for OFES

In late September, all friends of Outreach For Earth Stewardship (OFES) received a letter. It read something like this: A foundation put up a matching grant that however much money OFES raised by Nov. 1, up to $1,000, they would match. My friend Oscar Ewald and I decided to do a bake sale with the help of our moms. We decided to hold it at the Friends of Pierson Library book sale because lots of people would be there. Together, we raised $249 from the bake sale alone. Then, we and two other families donated even more money to make a total of almost $400. OFES is a non-profit organization that finds injured raptors (birds of prey) and rehabilitates them. The ones that heal funny, or simply can’t be released, are kept for education. Oscar and I have participated in their camps and now volunteer there. It’s a super special experience that I treasure. I love seeing birds in the wild soaring and I want to help because almost all these injuries are human-related–so I just feel the need to do something about it. Thank you to all the people who bought something at our bake sale and/or donated. The raptors really appreciate it.

Jackson Neme (age 10), Shelburne

Editor’s Note: See related story on page 22.

Need for a measured voice–George Schiavone for 5-2 Rep

George Schiavone is very experienced.  In fact, he represented Chittenden  District 5-2 in the Vermont House for 13 years, from 1993 to 2006.  While there, he served actively and ably on many important committees, including: Joint Fiscal Committees, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, Transportation Committee, Education Committee, and Commerce Committee.

George was a leader.  He worked hard to achieve compromises and he successfully reached across the aisle to bring all parties to the table and to include them in efforts to serve all Vermonters.

We have a second chance to have George’s experienced and measured voice representing District 5–2. He will seek to adopt policies that will promote: (1) a robust private economy in Vermont; (2) more good jobs that will keep our children here in Vermont purposely engaged in Vermont’s future; and  (3) a balanced, pragmatic approach to growth and spending that will retain Vermont’s credit rating and balance our budget.   He will work to fund commitments made and make only those future commitments we can keep.

George is a man who appreciates and embraces public service. He cares greatly about Vermont and his fellow Vermonters.  He helped found and has been actively involved in a Burlington homeless shelter that has operated successfully for 30 years, relying entirely on donations from individuals, local churches and businesses for support.  He gives his time and financial support to this project and other local civic drives and charities.  He is someone you can always count on to help.

His past community service includes: chair, Northern Vermont Red Cross; chair, Medical Center Associates; chair, Shelburne Economic Development Committee; member, Shelburne and CVU school boards; and member, Lake Champlain Bridge Commission.

George has earned our support and we hope you will vote for him as well!  We need his voice again in the Legislature.

Terry and Jane McKnight, Shelburne

Schiavone takes initiative

I was impressed with George Schiavone’s initiative to form a group that took a look at teacher’s professional development a few years ago. The group had had diverse views but came to agreement on an approach that was provided to the Department of Education. George’s ability to lead a team that could come to unanimous agreement is laudable.

Rebecca K. Bora, Shelburne

Support Joan Lenes

I am enthusiastically supporting Joan Lenes for re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives.  After 26 years of active duty, my husband recently retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and our family decided to call Vermont home. Joan Lenes was the first and only elected official to reach out to us upon our arrival, assisting us with local Veterans’ resources, as well as general information about our new community. Joan’s personal attention helped make our transition easier.

Joan is a hands-on, go-to representative.  I have the pleasure to work alongside her on the CVU School Board and I see firsthand, her active involvement and interest in the community.  It is to our benefit that Joan’s strong voice on our local school boards can also be heard in Montpelier, advocating for state educational policies that affect us.

In the spirit of disclosure, I must state that I have been campaigning for Joan during this election. I, like many of you (probably), are a bit jaded when it comes to politics and elections, especially over the past few months. The rhetoric, negativity, and overall lack of decorum among candidates, leaves even the most thick-skinned weary. Walking with Joan through the community and witnessing the time and consideration that she affords all her constituents is something we should demand of every elected official.  It is empowering to know that in our district, we have that quality in Joan.

Joan is a highly skilled and motivated candidate who is fully committed to working on our behalf. I encourage voters in District 5-2 to vote Joan Lenes; we have a wonderful asset, whom we should be proud to support.

Kelly A. Bowen, St. George

Debbie Ingram for State Senate

Debbie Ingram, candidate for State Senate, knows the issues facing both the big city and the small towns of our county. She runs her own business, is the executive director of a non-profit (Vermont Interfaith Action), and serves on Williston’s Selectboard. She has been part of the Long-Range Planning Committee of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, which coordinates county-wide plans for housing, transportation, commercial development, energy, and the environment. She sees the big picture.

Her educational qualifications include a B.A. from Stanford, three years of graduate work, a fellowship at Cambridge, and study at the Vermont Leadership Institute of the Snelling Center for Government at UVM.

Her campaign has emphasized: (1) Health Care. “We must move forward with Vermont’s plans to reform our broken health care system.” (2)  Well-Planned Development. “We must be smart about housing and transportation.” (3) Supportive Communities. “The character of our towns and cities should be judged by how well we care for and create opportunities for all our residents.”  Details are on her website:

Please add your endorsement to those of Governor Peter Shumlin and former Governor Madeleine Kunin. Vote for Debbie Ingram for State Senate.

David Brown, Shelburne

Send George Schiavone to Montpelier

George Schiavone is exactly the wise non-partisan representative we need in Montpelier. He’s a pro-active reformer who will work to our hard earned tax dollars are well spent.  And I hope he will shine a light on the five billion dollars or so of unfunded liabilities. Those liabilities will cause us to dig very deep in our pockets or move out of state to avoid paying our share. I am confident with George’s experience as a retired business executive, respected former legislator, one of the founders of the Burlington Emergency Homeless Shelter and an active Rotarian in Shelburne, he will be a thoughtful voice representing us in the State House.

Dennis Bowen, Shelburne

Vote for George Schiavone

I know and like Joan Lenes and George Schiavone; both are running to represent Shelburne 5-2 in the state legislature. Both are experienced and deal well with constituents, however, I support George and here is why:

1. Last year, at a CVU board meeting to discuss how to improve poor student math test scores, it was identified that the VT NEACAP tests required knowledge of algebra but many CVU math courses did not teach algebra. It was proposed to include algebra for all students. Joan’s position was to the effect that: if she ever knew algebra, she hasn’t used it since high school. Therefore, it wasn’t necessary. The board made no changes. This year Gov. Shumlin and the Commissioner of Education required that all school curriculums include algebra to assure they can pass VT math tests and be prepared as citizens for current jobs.

2. Before the VT Legislature passed the health bill, Joan and I were reviewing state data, which clearly showed that, in Vermont, the cost of government health programs (Incl. Medicare and Medicaid) increased at a faster rate than private insurance, despite cost shifts from government programs to the private ones. When I asked her why she felt that a government designed single payer system would have a chance to change or improve this, she had no clear answer.

George is a graduate engineer; I am confident that he can analyze complicated issues. George also has testimonials from Democrat and Republican state leaders he has worked with, confirming that he can work across the aisle to produce balanced and practical legislation.

Please vote for George Schiavone.

Chris Kapsalis, Shelburne

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