Local farms participate in Raw Milk Dairy Day Oct. 27

Two local farmers invite visitors to their farm for the Raw Milk Dairy Day on Saturday, Oct. 27. New Village Farm in Shelburne and Windy Corners Farm in Charlotte will provide tours of their farms, answer questions, let visitors interact with the animals, and even encourage visitors to watch a milking.

New Village Farm

Owners:  Michaela Ryan, Frank Talbott, and Ross Doree

700 Harbor Road (802) 338-0116; michaela@newvillagefarm.com, www.newvillagefarm.com

New Village Farm is a diversified, biodynamic educational farm. They raise a small herd of dairy goats and a small herd of dual-purpose cows. They also raise pigs and chickens and grow vegetables for their farm stand and CSA. New Village Farm opens the farm up to over 500 school children and teens each year, many of whom visit them weekly, so that the next generation can learn agricultural skills.

During Raw Milk Dairy Day, the farmers will perform a hand milking demonstration at 9 am (where visitors can try to milk) and lead a farm tour at 10:30 am.  The farm will be open for visitors to drop in until 2 pm.

Windy Corners Farm in Charlotte

Owners: Catharina Sikkes, Roelof Boumans, Coral Burnaman, and Adam Bowerman

4685 Greenbush Road

(802) 425-7075; windycorners@gmail.com or www.windycorners.info

Windy Corners is a small-scale farm where people practice the arts and crafts of homesteading.  Their mission is to become as self sufficient as possible, growing their food year round, and selling food that they have an abundance of. Currently, they have three, two goats, a few sheep, several chickens, a herding dog, and some barn cats. They sell raw milk from their cow. They also make hard, aged cheeses (aged at least three months) that they plan on selling in the near future.

During the Raw Milk Dairy Day, the farm will be open for a milk and cheese tasting between 2-4 pm. Their farm tour will begin at approximately 2:30 pm and visitors will be encouraged to greet the animals.

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