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Joan Lenes for Vermont House

Seize the opportunity to re-elect Joan Lenes as our representative to the Vermont House of Representatives. Serving in this capacity since 2006, Joan has been a strong advocate for quality education, affordable healthcare for all, and a more sustainable and clean environment.

Since becoming clerk of the House Institutions and Corrections Committee, she has been instrumental in passing a corrections bill, which is key in improving substance abuse and rehabilitation programs for inmates of Vermont prisons, as well as creating transitional housing and job training programs. Without these proven steps you run the risk of a higher recidivism rate of offenders and a lower improvement in the safety of our communities.

While working on all of these measures in the Legislature, Joan has donated her time to additional community involvement such as the CVU High School Board of Directors, clerk on the Chittenden South Supervisory Union Board, and trustee at the University of Vermont.

I have known Joan for over 25 years—principally through our mutual service to Meals on Wheels where Joan still serves as my Thursday chair.

Her energy, organization, and commitment are laudable. I feel confident in urging voters in District 5-2, Shelburne/St. George to support Joan in the upcoming election.

Anne Francis, Shelburne coordinator, Meals on Wheels


Cast your ballot for Joan Lenes

I have been very impressed with the widespread support Joan Lenes has received for re-election to her seat in the Vermont House and am pleased to add my voice to those urging Shelburne and St. George voters to cast their ballot for Joan in the November election. I have seen too many politicians run for office so that they can promote their own personal agendas and have always thought that Joan is different. She actually listens to people, actively seeking their input and seeking approaches that will advance the interests of all Vermonters. Joan is an incredibly hard worker as well as a team player, as is evidenced by her attention to detail and efforts to find consensus in her committee work. She has always made herself available throughout the legislative session to meet with her constituents to review pending legislation and talk about positive approaches to the many issues that we face. We are fortunate to have someone as dedicated and skilled as Joan to represent us, and I very much look forward to voting for her on November 6.  I urge others to do the same.

Steve Antell, Shelburne


Vote for Joan Lenes

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joan Lenes for many years. I first met Joan when she headed the volunteer food booth benefitting the SCS PTO at the Newberry Cup 25 years ago. Joan then began working with the School Board in the 90s. As always, Joan’s commitment to the community and the folks she represented was beyond expectations. During this time Joan was raising two young children and helping her husband operate a successful business in our community.

In recent years, my interactions with Joan have been during her service as a state representative in the district where I live. As a small businessperson I frequently have had questions regarding proposed legislation and how these proposals might affect my business. Joan has always been there to help me with answers to my questions and if she didn’t have an answer she would research the issue and get back to me the same day.

Joan gets it. She understands what it takes to run a successful business and represents business well in Montpelier. Our community is very lucky to have Joan Lenes working on its behalf. Her energy and commitment to our district and state is to be commended. I urge you to vote for Joan.

Bill Bissonette, Shelburne


Schiavone provides bi-partisan leadership

Isn’t it time for common sense in Montpelier? We need fiscally responsible representatives that support and vote for the good of all and not simply along party lines. George Schiavone will provide this type of leadership. During his tenure in the House of Representatives from 1993 to 2006 he worked well with both political parties and was recognized for his common sense approach to problems and his ability to form bi-partisan solutions. George brings a strong background in areas that our community and state need experienced and thoughtful minds to provide guidance. During his time as State Representative, George held seats on the Natural Resources and Energy, Transportation, Education, Commerce, and Joint Fiscal Committees.

George is not a newcomer to community and State service. He currently serves on Shelburne’s Board of Civil Authority, is Justice of the Peace, a member of the Vermont Society of Professional Engineers, on the Emergency Homeless Shelter Board and is a long time Charlotte-Shelburne Rotarian. His past services include: chair, Northern Vermont Red Cross; chair, Medical Center Associates, chair Shelburne Economic Development Committee, member of Shelburne and CVU school boards and member, Lake Champlain Bridge Commission.

A vote for George Schiavone is a vote for knowledgeable bi-partisan leadership!

Don Condon, Shelburne


Re-elect Joan Lenes

I urge my fellow Shelburne residents to support Joan Lenes for re-election to the Vermont House. Joan has been a strong, accessible voice for Shelburne and has worked energetically to strengthen our community and our state through difficult times. She has earned our continued support in Montpelier.

I had the good fortune during the last legislative session to work with Joan on an important piece of legislation, expanding insurance coverage to children with developmental disabilities. Joan impressed me throughout this work. As a constituent, she made herself open and available to me, setting up a meeting to talk through the bill before the start of the session. More importantly, Joan did not immediately support the bill just because I asked her to. She wanted to learn all about the legislation, who would be affected, and what the financial impact would be on Vermont taxpayers. She did her homework (and made me do mine), and gave thoughtful consideration to the bill before agreeing to co-sponsor it. She worked with other co-sponsors to help the bill move through committee, and in the end it passed with strong bipartisan support.  Other states are now looking to this bill as a piece of model legislation. Joan proved herself to be a responsible, thoughtful, and committed legislator, and the children of Vermont are better off for her support.

Joan is a tremendous asset to Shelburne and to all of Vermont.  Please join me in voting for her in November.

Sam Abel-Palmer, Shelburne


Mother knows best

I want to tell you why I am voting for Joan Lenes–besides the fact that she is my mother! My mom has taught me and my sister, Sarah, how important it is to be contributing members in the community in which we live.

We understand our responsibility to work for the greater good. Joan is a role model for us and many of our friends. These values have helped me in my life especially as a young hockey player, a four year student-athlete for the UVM Catamounts, and even today as a minor pro player in the ECHL.

My mom understands how to bring people together and work to solve problems. Join me in sending Joan Lenes back to Montpelier!

Peter Lenes, Shelburne


Vote for George Schiavone

I am voting for George Schiavone this November because he is a collaborative leader who will bring fresh energy to Montpelier in order to get tough things done. I believe we have significant state fiscal challenges that lie ahead. We need to send a representative to Montpelier who isn’t satisfied with the status quo and will stand up and speak for our community to address the challenges that we face head on.

Daniel MacKay, Shelburne


Elect Joan Lenes

Joan Lenes has many good qualities as a legislator, but the two outstanding ones are listening and fairness. In hearing me out on a couple of issues, she did not just shake her head and agree with me, but asked a couple of probing questions that were insightful. I never got the feeling she was just saying yes to please me. And then there is the practical side of Joan. She really wants to get things done. We tend to want to elect the candidate that most agrees with our values, but I think it’s more important to elect someone who is open-minded and  wants to get things done. A vote for Joan is a vote for a reasonable, thoughtful, and pragmatic representative.

John Hughes, Shelburne


Lenes is the clear choice

I only moved to Shelburne seven years ago, but it did not take me long to get to know Joan Lenes.  Any meeting where Shelburne’s future is discussed and Joan has been there.  In meetings to address the needs of the lesser affluent Shelburne residents, Joan was there, too.  I have seen her be a tireless advocate for a well-planned town that serves all its citizens. I have heard her speak both passionately and with common sense and effectiveness on issues that matter to me.   But despite passion, I’ve never heard her be less than respectful others. I am happy to support Joan Lenes for another term in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Abby Miller, Shelburne


Re-elect Shelburne’s outstanding, experienced representative

Residents, taxpayers, and business owners of Shelburne are uniquely fortunate to both be represented by Joan Lenes in our state legislature and, secondly, have her ongoing and vital constructive support for many of our deserving local and county-wide organizations. Her wise, decent, and thoughtful representation of all persons and organizations in our community during her six years in Vermont’s House compels all voters to re-elect her. In short, she is a representative who cares and works for the best interests and higher quality of life for all of us in Shelburne, irrespective of one’s political leanings or their predisposed political rigidities. I am proud to urge all voters to endorse and vote for Joan Lenes’ re-election.

Donald N. Horenstein, Shelburne


Schiavone will make a difference

The 5-2 district has the opportunity to support a candidate who can help balance the extremely one-sided House of Representatives. George Schiavone has a proven record of thoughtful and informed leadership as representative for this district between 1993 and 2006. This past year the House voted for Governor Shumlin’s single payer Green Mountain Care health insurance plan. Joan Lenes, the current representative from 5-2 and George Schiavone’s opponent, voted for this bill. When asked how this will be financed, in addition to what the impact will be between patients and doctors, she appears very uninformed. Once again, we have some ill-conceived government program supported by those who have no clue of its fiscal impact on taxpayers.

One of the reasons educational property taxes increased this year was because this group, including Joan Lenes, voted to allow Shumlin’s proposal to reduce $27.5 million from the general fund transfer to the Educational Fund, which increased education property tax rates.

Be assured George will inquire what impact a bill will have on his constituents before he gives it his support. Blind faith has never been a redeeming characteristic in those who represent us. It’s time to “replace those in control who are out of control.” A vote for George Schiavone on Nov. 6 will allow you to really make a difference for a more balanced and fair representation.

Sally Martel, Shelburne


Support Joan Lenes

I am pleased to provide this letter of hearty support for the re-election of Joan Lenes to represent Shelburne and St. George in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Prior to last year’s closing of the Vermont State Hospital in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, I worked as a social worker at that facility. I was among those testifying in the Vt. Legislature regarding replacement inpatient hospital services for those individuals who periodically need secure intensive psychiatric treatment.

I had the opportunity to spend considerable time observing the workings of the House Institutions Committee, of which Joan is a member. Her respectful and intelligent questions for those testifying on all sides of this issue and her diligent inquiry into the many facts and fine points involved were examples of her characteristic concern for the care and protection of all members of our community. I was able to witness Joan’s work across party lines and her clear support for decisions that best support all of our citizens, even when some of those might differ with the “party line” of her identified political party.

This year, I have also been involved in a Legislative initiative examining mental health programs in the Vermont Department of Corrections, and I continue to be impressed with the breadth and depth of Joan’s connections and awareness around the many individuals, organizations, background, and issues that she faces daily in her work to fairly represent us all. We are most fortunate to have a representative with such humane practicality and gentle toughness working in our behalf.

Rebecca Moore, Shelburne


Send Lenes back to Montpelier

I am writing in support of Joan Lenes’ campaign for re-election to the Vermont Legislature. I have known Joan since 1999 while working on CSSU school board projects. Since then she has shown her commitment to the children of our community with her work on school boards and well as her commitment to the citizens of Shelburne and Vermont with her work in the Legislature. Her positive energy and open-minded approach to solving problems has represented us well in Montpelier. I am proud to have my voice represented in the Legislature by Joan and whole-heartedly support her efforts to continue helping all of us.

David Cranmer, Shelburne


Lenes displays dedication to town, state

For as long as I can remember, I have known State Representative Joan Lenes. When I was younger, she worked with my grandmother, the late Senator Jean Ankeney, on many different projects and campaigns. Joan’s energy and commitment to the towns of Shelburne and St. George cannot not be recognized enough.

Joan has dedicated herself to many community projects. I have had the opportunity to sit with her on the Board of Directors for the St. George Historic and Conservation Trust. Her dedications to the Town of St. George and the Trust have been one of the defining factors in our recent accomplishments with the Little Red Schoolhouse. Senator Ankeney started the “Save the St. George Little Red Schoolhouse” project. After her passing, Joan carried the torch and kept the project alive. Without her effort, this project could have come to a screeching halt and the Schoolhouse could have crumbled.

Today, the Schoolhouse is almost ready to make its big move to the St. George Town Center.  For several years, Joan shepherded the project and tirelessly helped the trust with its fundraising efforts and planning. This is just one example of her commitment to her word and to the district.

I am proud to say that I support Joan in her campaign for re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives. If my grandmother were here today she would fully endorse Joan as well!

To learn more about Representative Joan Lenes and her other commitments to the community check out

Dana Bingham, St. George

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