A bootiful Shelburne Halloween Parade

There were over 500 goblins and fairies that joined in Parks and Recreation’s Halloween festivities held at the town center gym on Sunday, Oct. 28. Over 100 entered the Costume Contest, others played games or just filled their trick or treat bags with goodies. The Rec. Department wants to send a special thank you to the sponsors that made this fun event possible: Shelburne Supermarket, Shelburne Country Store, Hannaford Supermarket, Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary, Titus Insurance, People’s United Bank, and Citizen’s Bank. They also want to thank the Recreation Committee and the volunteers for all their hard work during and after this fun-filled event, as well as the costume judges who were given a very difficult task of choosing the winners:

Most Original

Pre K: Jacob Kanelos, Fireman          Gr 1-2: Michaela Kanelas, Princess and the Pea

Gr 3-4: Charlie Harder, Ear of Corn

Gr. 5-6: Annabel Dilley/Caitlyn Southworth, Nerds Candy Box

Gr. 7-Adult: Caitlin Waddick, Cactus in Bloom


Pre K: Joshua Hack, Banana with Gorilla Dad

Gr. 1-2: Ariel Hassenberg, Pretty Vampire

Gr. 3-4: Juliet Hassenberg, Indian Princess     Gr. 5-6: Madeline Sawyer, Venetian Carnavale Girl

Gr. 7-Adult: Sienna Devoe-Talluto, Dorothy


Pre K: Drew Webb, Yeti

Gr. 1-2: Rusty Zia, Angler Fish

Gr. 3-4: Thomas Shepard, Slender Man

Gr. 5-6: Alix St. Hilaire, Alice Cooper

Gr. 7-Adult: Marc Lewis, Wyatt

Most Colorful            

Pre K: Ethan Rhodes, Cars

Gr. 1-2: Noah Vezina/Jaiden Trahan, Angry Birds

Gr. 3-4: Anna Kudriavetz, Crayons    Gr. 5-6: Hannah Frasure, Peacock

Gr. 7-Adult: Olivia Pintair, Punk Rock Fairy


Pre-K: Alex Lishnak, pumpkin            Gr. 1-2: Corey Wemple, Minion        Gr. 3-4: Alya MacManaway, Upside-down Person

Gr. 5-6: Jackson Konowitz, Minecraft Squid

Gr. 7-Adult: Hanna Webster, Cheese Wiz

Most Authentic

Pre-K: Noah Cohen, EMT

Gr. 1-2: Anders Erickson, Viking

Gr. 3-4: Mikey Delaportas, Legolas

Gr. 5-6: Gabriela Torrens-Sperry, Mad Hatter

Gr. 7-Adult: Allie and Micki Lazar, Snow White/Cinderella

The weather was perfect for a parade, considering the fact that Hurricane Sandy was on its way. “It was as good as it gets,” exclaimed Steve Dates, a Charlotte-Shelburne Rotarian and the organizer of Shelburne’s Halloween Parade. The spirited procession kicked off at 2 pm and by 3 o’clock, this year’s 13 floats and supporting cast members had made their way down Falls Road and back, throwing candy to the crowds that had gathered to watch the event.

Float design winners:

First Place: “Alice in Shelburneland”

Second Place: “Derry Duster”

Third Place: “Madagascar 3”

Fourth Place: “Mustache Mayhem”

According to Dates, who took over the organizational reins of the parade six years ago from Irv Rose, the local Rotary Club has been involved with the annual event for at least 38 years, and are ready to begin planning next year’s ghoulish gathering.

Note to the winners: Plaques and prizes will be held at the Shelburne Town Clerk’s office (264-5036). Please see Colleen Haag to claim prizes.

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