Aske family launches legacy book

“From Steamboats to Subchasers, A History of the Shelburne Shipyard”

Left to right: Jerry Aske’s son-in-law (and the book’s cover artist) Billy Brauer, Jerry’s wife, Margie Aske, and his daughter, Wendy Brauer.

by Lin Stone

Save for his first decade, the late Jerry Aske, Jr. was nearly a lifelong resident of Shelburne Point. He harbored a boy-to-man’s irrevocable love for his childhood playground—Lake Champlain––and for his family’s marina and life’s work: boatbuilding. Aske’s father assumed management of the Shelburne Shipyard in order to build ships for the Navy in World War II. In Aske’s newly released book, “From Steamboats to Subchasers,” Aske has preserved Shelburne Shipyard’s remarkable history and its important role in Lake Champlain’s and American marine history, as well as his own family’s story.

Art Cohn, the co-founder of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum commented, “The Shelburne Shipyard has been the center of boat-building activity on Lake Champlain from after the Revolution to the Korean War. The building of wooden subchasers during World War II is one of the great untold chapters of that legacy, and we are so grateful to Jerry for preserving and sharing this important aspect of Lake Champlain’s story with us all.”

“From Steamboats to Subchasers, The History of the Shelburne Shipyard” is both Jerry Aske’s legacy story and an integral piece of the Shelburne Shipyard’s history. Aske passed away just before the finished book was delivered to his door; however, his family has joined hands in a collaborative effort to continue to unfurl the book’s sails and share it with the broader community. His son-in-law, the Vermont painter, Billy Brauer, created the original artwork for the cover and Jerry’s wife, Margie, as well as his daughter, Wendy, will make the book available to local bookstores, museums, marinas. The book is presently available at the Flying Pig Bookstore and through Red Barn Books of Vermont, an imprint of Wind Ridge Publishing for independent writers.

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