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By CVU and the Shelburne Representatives to the CVU School Board

Good news from CVU

Shelburne resident Geoffrey Hesslink took top medals at the Southeast Medal Finals at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center in Florida.

Cole Guerriere of Shelburne starred in Stowe Theatre Guild’s production of “Next to Normal.”

Shelburne residents Will Keve and Ian Campbell are participating on CVU’s Scholars Bowl team this year and recently competed in the Montpelier regional meet. The team had a combined 8-2 record, which included victories over all the other six teams at the event.

Robin Fawcett, Theatre Arts teacher, recently directed a play at a local theater.

Nominated by former students, Tim Duvernoy, visual arts teacher, and Patty Heather-Lea, math teacher, were both awarded GE Star Awards.

Hot topic!

CUBSS mentor program continues growth

The transition to high school can be difficult for even the most savvy and confident students. New classroom and school-wide expectations, new faces, and a larger building all combine to create potential confusion and turmoil. So CVU, in particular 2010 grad Callan Suozzi-Rearic, decided to help smooth that transition with the development of the CUBSS (Chill Upperclassmen Boosting Student Success) Program. Developed as Suozzi-Rearic’s Graduation Challenge senior project, the CUBSS program has continued strong and grown under the support of advisors Debbie Seaton, Russ Aceto, Jen Bickel-Hayes, Jane Krasnow, Seth Emerson, and Tim Trevithick.

The program, in its fourth year, was designed to offer friendship and support to ninth graders at CVU by creating instant connections to upperclassmen. Although many opportunities, activities, and co-curriculars exist for all students to get involved with, creating that connection between incoming ninth graders and upperclassmen wasn’t one that had happened naturally. Enter CUBSS.

The program matches ninth graders with an upperclassmen who is expected to periodically check in during advisory, answer questions, provide support, and eat lunch with mentees on a regular basis. In addition to the school’s advisory program, CUBSS ensures that every ninth grader has another upperclassmen who will get to know him or her well.

This school year finds 70 upperclassmen participating in the voluntary CUBSS program (each CUB is matched to one or two advisories of ninth graders, roughly five or six students).  These CUBSS played a crucial role in the first day of school for ninth graders by attending advisory to start to get to know the students, as well as assisting in the navigation of the cafeteria—which includes eating the school-sponsored pizza lunch together!

Upcoming in the new year: CUBSS will hit the Cores to talk about real-world and effective study skills as ninth graders prepare for exams. They will also discuss scheduling to help ninth graders make informed decisions about classes they’ll take as they enter sophomore year and beyond.

The CUBSS program is just one more way that CVU works to get to know students well and create an even closer-knit community.

Events of Interest:

Dec. 5: Concert at 7:30 pm in the Theater, featuring CVU Concert Band, Singers, and Jazz Ensemble

Shelburne Representatives to the CVU School Board: 

Susan Grasso 985-0604

Susan Holson 985-2452

Joan Lenes 985-8515

CVU Liaison to the Communications Committee:

Robin Lauzon –

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