News from the Pierson Library

Attention: Two upcoming library closings

Pierson Library will be closed on Monday, Nov. 12 in observance of Veteran’s Day.

We will also be closing at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 14 for a library staff meeting.

New Art Exhibit: A new art exhibit has arrived in the Pierson Library’s gallery space.  For the months of November and December, we are featuring an exhibit of paintings titled “The Everglades” that showcases the work and the passion of Karen Leonard. The artist describes her love for the unique beauty of this special place in Southern Florida, “My father, Tom Leonard, discovered Everglades City in the 1980s and would quietly spend most of his winter there because it was the best place to fish. Christmas vacation in 1993 was the beginning of my yearly visits to his ‘special fishing sanctuary.’ This art show is a fraction of what has unfolded during the 18 years of viewing the exquisite sights of The Everglades. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you the unique and fragile body of water supported by Mangrove trees and maintained wildlife.”  Be sure to take some time to check out our latest exhibit over the next two months.

Scrabble Thursdays: The library scrabble group will be taking a vacation for the winter.  In anticipation of the holidays and wintry weather conditions, our bi-monthly Scrabble group will not be meeting again until spring. The library will keep everyone advised in the Shelburne News column and on the website and Facebook page for the time and date of the first meeting. Thanks to all the enthusiastic Scrabble players who have made these afternoons games a hit.


“Miss Me When I’m Gone” by Emily Arsenault

Review by Gene Schinto

Gretchen Waters had a best-seller in “Tammyland,” a memoir and a tribute to Tammy Wynette.  She is working on a second book focused on the murder of her biological mother (who did not raise her) when she falls down concrete stairs to her death.

Jamie, Gretchen’s close friend since college, is named her literary executor. The more she reads the more Jamie suspects her friend’s death was no accident. Could Gretchen and her mother be victims of the same murderer?

“Miss Me When I’m Gone” is more the story of two strong women than it is a crime novel.  Jamie narrates the tale and, along with the reader, discovers the dark truths revealed in Gretchen’s unfinished manuscript.

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