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A sincere thanks

I would like to thank my family, friends, and co-workers for all you have done for me. Your support means a lot to me in my fight against breast cancer. A big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the benefit dinner a success: Joya, Alice, Allison, Amber, and my sister Karyn. A special thanks to the people at the Dutch Mill Restaurant, James Bissonette and Michael Bissonette, for all the work they did and for a delicious dinner served.

Thank you to all of the local businesses that donated door prizes for the event. Thank you also to the communities of Charlotte and Shelburne for making my fight easier.

Michele Bora, Charlotte


Political commentary uncalled for in Shelburne

In almost 60 years since I arrived in Vermont and better than 50 since I arrived in Shelburne, I have never seen such unfortunate political commentary as I read in the Shelburne News Readers Write Nov. 1 edition. I can accept this in our national discussions although I don’t like it, but to see it in our town paper leaves me sad, disappointed, and yes, disgusted.

One letter suggested that there are “super pacs” supporting Schiavone’s campaign but names only one person who alone is providing this support. The writer further suggests that Schiavone is not known for seeking bipartisan participation and that his positions are frequently “on the far right.” If the writer stands on the far left, that may appear to be true but his comment then should be offered as a personal opinion rather than as proven bought “suggesting that Schiavone or any candidate in Vermont can be bought.” This, to me, is a totally uncalled for personal attack that is clearly untrue and has no place in our Vermont political discussion.

In the same issue both Schiavone and Lenes have listed in great detail who their supporters are. I have known both of these honorable people for a very long time and to suggest that either one may be politically influenced by campaign contributions brings shame up on us all.

And just one more observation. The writer who is responsible for all this political innuendo also played an old card to make a timely response impossible…putting his letter in play knowing that a response cannot be published until after voting day. Nice play but a pretty sorry way to treat honorable people. I hope we can do better next time.

Bill Wiese, Shelburne

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