Green Mountain Boys begin winter season

The Green Mountain Boys pose from left to right. Back row: Head coach Arthur Prentice, Asst. Coaches Doug Philbrick, and Randy Oglesby. Middle row: Bo Pike, Ethan Oglesby, Derek Pickard, and Rory Ulmer. Front row: Gus Biggio, Ben Vincent, Thomas Lyons, Connor Philbrick, and Becket Hill.

The 2012 indoor winter baseball league began last Saturday at The Field House in Shelburne. The Shelburne-based “Green Mountain Boys” started their season with a terrific 3-1 win over Williston, a staunch competitor. The Green Mountain Boys have players from Shelburne, Richmond, Charlotte, and Huntington that range in age from 9 to 12. The team is generously sponsored by Cucina Antica in Shelburne, who have provided the boys with personalized uniforms.

The Green Mountain Boys had a terrific defensive game highlighted by outstanding plays including a diving catch of a line drive at shortstop by Becket Hill and Gus Biggio at first base. Additionally they had no errors in six innings. Outstanding pitching was provided by Becket Hill and Connor Philbrick holding a powerful Williston line-up to just two hits. Ethan Oglesby played an amazing game behind the plate keeping the Williston team from moving around the bases on passed balls. Derek Pickard ignited the GMB’s offensive game with a perfect bunt and aggressive base running that led to a three-run rally in the third. That was all it took to secure the win as the GMB’s pitching and strong defense shut Williston down from that point forward. GMB’s next game is Saturday, Nov. 17.

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