Art sale raises funds for Food 4 Farmers

Local artist Casey Blanchard and Food 4 Farmers co-founder Rick Peyser.

Shelburne printmaker Casey Blanchard and Food 4 Farmers co-founder Rick Peyser exchanged ideas at last weekend’s benefit and holiday art sale. Twenty percent of Blanchard’s sales were donated to Food 4 Farmers.

Many local art and coffee lovers were on hand to enjoy Blanchard’s art and to lend their support to the non-profit organization that strives to help rural coffee farmers develop long-term strategies to help end food scarcity. Providing additional fundraising support is Peyser’s recently released book, co-authored by Bill Mares, “Brewing Change, Behind the Bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.” The authors contributed 100 percent of their earnings to Food 4 Farmers in addition to Wind Ridge Publishing’s donation of 10 percent of the book’s net sales.

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