Morning Garden celebrates Festival with Lantern Walk

Children prepare their lanterns for Morning Garden preschool’s annual Lantern Walk in Shelburne

In its 12th year of celebration at Ms. Terri’s Morning Garden of Shelburne, children, parents, and friends of her Waldorf-inspired preschool take their magical, late-autumn Lantern Walk.  The Lantern Walk commemorates the little-known European festival of Martinmas, named after the humble Saint Martin–a Roman soldier who put down his arms and gave his cloak to an elderly beggar during a snowstorm. This holiday dates back to 16th century France and then spread to Germany and the Netherlands.

Past and present families of Ms. Terri’s school gather at dusk on Nov. 11 to hear the story of Saint Martin by candlelight. After drinking cider and lighting their graceful, handmade lanterns, the group begins their winding walk through the woods of the school. The trail is marked by lit Jack o’ Lanterns and other natural lighting, creating a twinkling woodland scene with echoes of “The Lantern Song” that the children have learned and practiced to sing for this special evening gathering.

In the spirit of Saint Martin, each family brings several canned goods for donation to the Shelburne Food Shelf.

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