SCHIP honors volunteers

SCHIP’s Treasure Resale Shop Manager Cathy Burke extolled the importance and contributions of store volunteers at a luncheon held in their honor Nov. 8. The luncheon, prepared by the Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects (SCHIP) Board of Directors Operations Committee, was held at the Shelburne United Methodist Church. Fifteen volunteers were celebrated, including seven Board members. Burke lauded each individual, noting their special talents, such as ironing or mending, or their willingness and ability to pitch in to handle multiple tasks such as tagging, steaming, and straightening needed to make SCHIP’s Treasure the pleasant shopping experience that it is. Burke also noted the many compliments the store receives on its appearance and the presentation of its offering, due in no small measure to the volunteers.

Proceeds from the resale shop support grants that benefit the residents of Shelburne, Charlotte, and Hinesburg. Other than Burke, there are three part-time employees, so volunteers are critical to allowing SCHIP to continue making grants. Several additional volunteers were unable to attend the luncheon. Burke paid tribute to the part-time employees at the luncheon, as well.

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