Development Review Board approves seven applications

By Carol Casey

At its meeting on Nov. 7, the Development Review Board (DRB) moved quickly through its agenda and approved seven applications:

A design review application by Brad Sourdiffe and Joan Furghott to replace a rear attic window at 88 Falls Road. The building is listed on the National Register. Plans for replacing the front and side-facing attic windows were previously rejected by the Historic Preservation and Design Review.

Final approval for a boundary line adjustment between lots located at 724 and 888 Pond Road.

Final plan and site plan review for a boundary line adjustment between lots owned by Charles and Valerie Maniscalco at 22 Silver Fox Cove and Lola Van Wagenen and George Burrill at 221 Ordway Shores Road. As part of the review, the DRB also approved relocating Silver Fox Cove Road, subject to meeting Department of Public Works requirements.

A conditional use application by John and Amy Saar to approve retroactively a lakeshore erosion control structure at 3725 Harbor Road. A seawall had been previously approved by the DRB, but the wall actually constructed deviated from the original plan due to further erosion found on site.

A conditional use application by Don and Cheryl Appe to modify an existing non-conforming lakeshore erosion control structure at 4279 Harbor Road. The Appes propose to reclad the existing concrete seawall and terrace with wood, and replace the existing railing. These changes are designed to make the appearance of the wall and deck more aesthetically pleasing when viewed from Lake Champlain. Permission to add a changing room on the deck and to replace the current stairway with two new ones was not granted because the plans conflict with existing Zoning Bylaws. The Appes are likely to approach the Planning Commission with a request for a change in the existing Zoning Bylaw regarding stairways because the current Bylaw is unworkable in their specific circumstances.

A sketch plan for subdividing a 14.8-acre lot at 6608 Route 116 into two lots of 5.6 acres and 9.2 acres respectively.

A preliminary plan application from the Champlain Housing Trust for the development of 21 acres behind Harrington House at 5059 Shelburne Road. The Historic Preservation and Design Review Commission had previously approved the plan.

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the next meeting of the DRB will be held on Nov. 14 at 7 pm in the Town Center, a week earlier than their usual schedule.

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