SCS X-C completes season

By Harken Spillane,

SCS 8th grader

The Shelburne Community School (SCS) cross-country team ran the last race of the year, the Championships, on Oct. 16 at the 80-acre field right next to the post office in Shelburne. Out of over 200 runners on 16 teams, the SCS girls placed sixth and the boys placed third.

When the season started it felt like it was going to be long one. But when Championships were a week away the team felt like they had just started the season. On the day of the race it was cold but sunny. Every team was doing their own thing like stretching and warming up. When the race started there was a stampede of people all racing for themselves. The crowd cheered on the runners while they ran by as fast as they could.

The scoring in cross-country is different from other sports because in most the highest score wins. In cross-country the least amount of points wins. Teams are scored by adding the places of the top five runners. A perfect score would be 15 because 1+2+3+4+5 equals 15.


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