SCS student published in national magazine

The December 2012 issue of Highlights magazine has published a creative submission entitled “Frumpbells” by 10-year-old Flynn Hall in the “Your Musical Instruments” section. Flynn, the child of Jim Hall and Annie Spencer, is a 5th grader at Shelburne Community School. She enjoys horseback riding, hockey, lacrosse, drawing, reading, playing the trumpet, and hanging out with friends.

Each year, Highlights readers send the magazine more than 35,000 submissions. The magazine selects work by boys and girls of all ages and from many different places in the world. By showcasing a representative sample of all the work, Highlights hopes to foster children’s creativity.

Devoted to “Fun with a Purpose,” Highlights for Children, Inc. has helped children become their best selves for generations. Its flagship publication, Highlights magazine, the most recognizable and widely-read children’s magazine in the nation, printed its one-billionth copy in June 2006.

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