Winter parking ban reminder

The winter season is fast approaching. Bernie Gagnon, Public Works Director, would like to take this opportunity to remind all Shelburne residents of the Winter Parking Ban. As defined in Shelburne’s Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulation Ordinance, the ban is effective from Dec.1 to April 1. There is no parking on town streets between the hours of midnight and 8 am. State of Vermont Statute 23 VSA 1102 also states that any vehicle left in the public right-of-way that interferes with snow plowing operations may be towed without warning. Residents are responsible for moving your vehicles if it looks like snow.

In addition to vehicles, please remove all other obstacles from the right-of-way. These include, but are not limited to, basketball hoop stands, skateboard ramps, and other items that would be an obstacle to snow removal operations. Also, Statute 23 VSA 1126 states that it is illegal to plow snow from private property on or across public highways. The Public Works Department will not be responsible for any damages to items that are placed within the right-of-way.

Finally, please do not rake/blow leaves into the road or drainage ditches/structures.  Leaves that are placed onto the road can clog storm drains, cause flooding, increase stormwater maintenance costs, and are detrimental to water quality. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove and properly dispose of leaves.

Please feel free to contact the Town Public Works Department at 316-1320 or the Highway Department at 985-5123 or 316-1536 if you have any questions.

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