Rotarians complete community service project

A hardy group of Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary Club members build a garden shed for the Charlotte Central School on Saturday, Nov. 17.

By Sheri Duff

Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary Club and work party organizer Michael Clapp is at it again. This time he assembled a 9-person construction crew of Rotarians to complete a community service project for the Charlotte Central School (CCS). After a suggestion from composting and recycling guru Abby Foulk of Charlotte, Clapp contacted third and fourth grade CCS teachers Leslie Thayer, Ena Jesset, and Kathy Lara who jumped at the prospect of a space to house all of the tools and supplies that have been in their classrooms for the past three years.

The teachers are a grateful group. “Michael and I began discussing the project 8-10 weeks ago,” said Lara. “These men and women are terrific. The Rotary Club designed the shed and donated all the materials and the labor necessary to complete the project. Not to mention that our team’s year-long theme is, ‘How can one person make a difference?’ and this organization certainly lives up to that,” Lara said enthusiastically. “It’s a great lesson for the students.”

Eight hours later and under threat of darkness, the crew including Bill Deming, John Dupee, Gary Marcotte, Chris Davis, Linda Gilbert, Howard Seaver, John Hammer, and Trafton Crandall had nearly completed the project.

“The Rotary Club tries to do at least one community service project in each town per year,” Clapp insisted. “In October we built two bridges in the LaPlatte Nature Park in Shelburne. On Saturday we completed a garden shed in Charlotte. It feels great to complete another worthwhile project.”

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