Bottle drive benefits CVU trips

By Megan Kloeckner

This April, 22 CVU students from Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George, and Williston will be traveling to England, Ireland, and Wales. The guided trip will last nine days. Some of its highlights include visiting Blarney Castle to kiss its famous stone, meeting a traditional Irish sheep farmer, experiencing the “darker” side of London on a Jack the Ripper tour, and viewing the city of London atop the London Eye.

International travel is very beneficial to students because it allows them to experience and explore new cultures. All the students are very excited and are eagerly awaiting their departure date. But the CVU students are not sitting back and sipping tea in preparation: each traveler must conduct a research project on a topic relative to the cultures of England, Ireland, and Wales. Before they leave in April, each student will present their project to the group in order to educate everyone about the assorted topics studied.

The group will also conduct multiple fundraisers to help offset the cost of various group activities they will participate in during their time abroad. One of the fundraising efforts will be an organized bottle drive collection. The students are encouraging all community members to support the trip by dropping off extra returnable bottles to the designated bins at the Pierson Library in Shelburne or the Charlotte Public Library.

Students will collect bottles on a weekly basis until April, so they ask for the community’s continued support of their endeavor. Also, they will be holding a large bottle drive on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 at CVU High School in Hinesburg.

For more information about the bottle drive or the trip itself, please contact trip-leader Tamie-Jo Dickinson at

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