ASIG hosts “Call of the Wild”

 All Souls Interfaith Gathering is hosting an art exhibit “Call of the Wild” by local artists Wendy Copp, Juliet McVicker, Cindy Cowles, Bethany Myrick, John Rivers, Max Hodgson, Ben Barlow, and John Hodgson, through Dec. 28. The exhibit features dresses, coats, capes, and shoes remarkably all made of leaves that are so beautiful you would not hesitate to put them on. This artwork reflects their understanding of the Hindu notion that a person spends the first 60 years in the world and the following years in the forest.  Additional artwork includes mystical paintings, spiritual gourds, and sculptures of Goddess women. An opening reception with a performance by Lila Webb and Juliet McVicker along with poetry readings from various artists will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 12 from 5-7 pm.

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