New Writer’s Barn classes a gift in themselves

If you’ve spotted a charming little red barn at 233 Falls Road in Shelburne and noted it aglow with lights and brimming with people and activity, you’ve probably glimpsed Wind Ridge Publishing’s Writers’ Barn. The community-based Writer’s Barn workshops are inspiring and teeming with raw writing talent and gifted instructors who are dedicated to supporting new and experienced writers, speakers, and artists of all kinds. Wind Ridge Publishing is pleased to announce the winter 2013 schedule of Writer’s Barn workshops.

Want to gift something unconventional this season? Workshops at the Writer’s Barn range in age group and genre, giving you a gift for each person on your list. In order to fend off the winter blues, we’ve added film screenings and discussions with local authors. The schedule has also been extended to include poetry readings to showcase the bards of the community. Just a hop and a skip away, the Writer’s Barn welcomes all creative minds–seasoned writers, teachers, or closet scribblers. So put a bow on it if you’d like, but this gift inspires on its own. Prices of the courses vary. To register or for more information please call 985-3091, visit www.windridge, or email

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