Holiday gift wrapping fundraiser benefits CVU trip

by Mackenzie Tobrocke    

This coming April, 22 students from CVU will be traveling to England, Ireland, and Wales. The nine day trip will allow students to experience new cultures, as well as see some of the world’s greatest treasures. For example, the iconic London Eye, which allows London to be seen in a unique way.

The excitement for the trip is building, while students work on projects about the cultures of England, Ireland, and Wales. Each student must pick a topic they would like to research and present to the group before the departure date in April. This way, students have a background on some of the things they might see. Fundraising is also a huge part of their weekly morning meeting. Traveling abroad isn’t cheap, but the perspective and exposure of new cultures and places is worth every penny.

With the holiday season here, the CVU travel group has organized a gift wrapping fundraiser. The fundraiser will take place Dec. 19 from 5-7:30 pm at The Hinesburgh Public House. For those who don’t know, The Hinesburgh Public House is a brand new restaurant located in Hinesburg across Mechanicsville Road, where Saputo’s Cheese Plant used to stand. Gifts will be wrapped free of charge, but donations are welcome. All materials will be covered by the students of CVU. If possible, please bring gifts in laundry baskets or storage bins. While gifts are being wrapped, we encourage people to stay and enjoy the wonderful food and drink The Hinesburgh Public House has to offer.

For further information about the holiday gift wrapping fundraiser, please contact Mackenzie Tobrocke at

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