Publicly funded prekindergarten explained

Chittenden South Supervisory Union (CSSU) supports publicly funded prekindergarten for children between the ages of 3 and 5 who reside in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George, or Williston. Applications for the 2013-2014 school year are due March 12, 2013.

What is publicly funded prekindergarten education?

Publicly funded prekindergarten is defined as six to 10 hours per week of developmentally appropriate early learning experiences that are based on Vermont’s Early Learning Standards. Children who reside in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George, and Williston and are between the ages of three and five are eligible. Prekindergarten education is limited to the academic year (September 2013-June 2014).

Where are these publicly funded programs?

CSSU’s publicly funded prekindergarten programs are located in community private early care and education programs that meet specific quality standards and a classroom in each of the K-8 schools within the supervisory union. The qualified community early care and education programs that Chittenden South Supervisory Union expects to partner with are:

• Annettes Playschool

• Ascension Childcare, Inc.

• Burlington Childrens Space

• Bellwether School

• Carolyns Red Balloon

• Charlotte Childrens Center

• Childcare Resource Home-based providers (Elsa Bosma, Heather Friedrichson, Sara Driscoll, Donna Leicht, Sheila Quenneville, Terri Severance, Beth Sanders, April Ploof)

• Childrens School

• Discovery Preschool

• EJRP Preschool

• Heartworks – Burlington,             Shelburne, Williston

• Hinesburg Nursery School

• Kinderstart

• Kids and Fitness, So.      Burlington

• Otter Creek Childrens Center

• Pine Forest Childcare

• Robins Nest Childrens Center

• Saxon Hill

• The Schoolhouse

• Shelburne Nursery School

• Stepping Stones

• Trinity Childrens Center

• UVM Childrens Center

• Greater Burlington YMCA

For information about prekindergarten located in your school building contact your local school.

Is this 6-10 hour/week program tuition free?

The prekindergarten program offered in the public school is tuition free. The prekindergarten program offered through a community early care and education program may charge families the difference between their actual cost of providing the 6-10 hour prekindergarten program and what CSSU pays. Families would continue to be charged fully for whatever care and education program the child attends beyond the 10 hours/week during the academic year. We recommend you contact the prekindergarten program directly for information about tuition.

Is my child eligible for CSSU publicly funded prekindergarten?

If your child is three years old by Sept. 1, 2013 and resides in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George or Williston, then your child is eligible to participate.

Please note: If interest in publicly funded prekindergarten rises above our enrollment cap, then we will need to use a random selection process (lottery) to determine which children receive publicly funded prekindergarten education. We will inform you whether your child has a slot by April 15, 2013.

How do I apply?

Submit an application form which can be obtained by calling Wendy Clark at 383-1235, email, or the CSSU website:

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