The Alpha Play “Flapper” debuts Dec. 6-7

By Isaac Solheim

The Alpha team of Shelburne Community School is once again bustling with life in preparation for the upcoming annual Alpha Play. The Alpha team is a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade team of about 63 students. What is the Alpha Play? Well, Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and the Greeks are famous for their drama. And here in Shelburne, each December the Alpha team puts on its own musical play for the town. This year you are thrown back in time as they bring “Flapper” by Tim Kelly to life. “Flapper” takes place during the “roaring twenties,” the epitome of greatness for America. Audience members will follow the story of Polly, a young popular flapper. During the First World War, women stepped up to fill the roles of men who were shipped off to fight. As women revolted against traditions, young women known as flappers came into being. Flappers wore short, revealing skirts, cut their hair short, and smoked in public. Flappers were the start of a great change in the United States and you’ll see it all in this timely play. The plot begins with Polly returning home from New York City for her birthday, where she will receive the ‘Ice Garden’ a diamond of immense beauty. However such an expensive thing attracts a lot of attention. Especially from people who want to steal it…

As always, the play is almost completely student-run. This year’s student directors are Nolan Jimmo, Calvin McClellan, Hadley Crow, and Leah Berger. With a cast of over 40 actors and 20 crew members needed behind the scenes, months have been spent in preparation for the two performances. “For the past few months everyone has been working their best so that we can finish up in time for the premiere night,” says Jordan Sears one of the stage crew managers.

Performances of the Alpha Play will be Thursday and Friday, Dec. 6 and 7 at 7 pm in the Shelburne Community School Cafeteria. Tickets are $5 for an adult and $4 for children and are available at the door.

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