Redhawks win UVM engineering challenges

Champlain Valley Union (CVU) engineering students recently participated in the 2012 UVM Design TASC Competition at the UVM’s Patrick Gymnasium on Saturday, Dec. 1. Two CVU teams represented the school with success. Team Redhawk Engineering won one first place overall, while Project Redhawk won first place in three of six categories. After working all semester in the class dedicated to the engineering competition, the students are extremely happy with their success.Shelburne students Ben Langdon and Cameron Harris were on team Project Redhawk that took the first place overall in the event. “It is really nice to see our efforts pay off,” commented Langdon after the event. “We have been working on this challenge all semester and even though we had to make a lot of changes on our original design, I believe simplifying our product and building practice courses really helped us get an edge over the competition.”

The event required participants to create small vehicles and compete in four separate challenges: a 100 ft. speed challenge, a flat 100 ft. cargo run, an inclined cargo run, and an 80 ft. obstacle course. In each event all energy for these vehicles had to be generated by humans, starting from a state of zero energy at the beginning of each challenge. All vehicles needed to fit in a paper box while still being fast and efficient. In addition to the vehicle challenges, there was a marketing presentation at the competition. Students were required to present their design in an organized manner to a board of judges. Project Redhawk won the marketing challenge with a well-rehearsed presentation.

The participants are thankful for the mentoring of teacher Olaf Verdonk and also appreciate that money was made available for the competition. The results mark a great success for the CVU community and the students look forward to defending their title in the 2013 Design TASC competition.

Champlain Valley Union High School won the following awards:

IBM Best Overall Award

1st Place: Redhawk Engineering

Husky Marketing Award

1st Place: Project Redhawk

PC Construction Award

1st Place: Project Redhawk

Dynapower Award

1st Place: Project Redhawk

Performance Award

Honorable mention: Project Redhawk

Both CVU teams will perform at the University Mall in South Burlington January 2013.

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