Lodge offers seniors use of brain wellness, social networking software

Bullrock Corporation, owner and operator of the Lodge at Shelburne Bay and the Lodge at Otter Creek in Middlebury senior living communities, has entered into a partnership with Vigorous Mind, Inc. that allows residents at the Lodges to enjoy the award-winning brain wellness and social networking software. Residents are stimulating their brains, staying connected with families, and engaging in reminiscence activities. The Lodges created “Brain Gyms” with large touch screen computers for individual use and large screens for group activities. Staff members at the Lodges are trained on the science behind the broad and diverse set of activities that the software offers.

Vigorous Mind is a developer and provider of brain wellness and social networking solutions. The company has a scientific advisory board with nationally recognized researchers in Alzheimer’s, neuropsychology, and aging and conducts clinical trials with leading research institutions in the United States.

Gregg Beldock, CEO of Bullrock Corporation said, “We are excited to be the first in Vermont to offer this cutting edge brain wellness platform. This has added a whole new dimension to our activities and to the quality of life of our residents.  There is growing scientific evidence that stimulating the brain can delay the onset of dementia and slow down cognitive decline.”

“Vigorous Mind is excited about supporting the Lodges in their goal of promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyles for seniors. We know that our collaboration will result in many more seniors becoming aware of the proactive steps they can take to maintain a vital and agile brain, improving their and their families’ satisfaction” said Vigorous Mind CEO Yuval Malinsky.

After months of resident engagement and use of Vigorous Minds, the results have shown that exercising the brain, engaging in social activities, reducing stress, physical exercise, and healthy nutrition are among the most important factors that affect brain wellness.  The Lodges use of this platform supports that comprehensive approach.

For more information about The Lodges, visit www.shelburnebay.com or www.lodgeatottercreek.com. For more information about Vigorous Mind, visit www.vigorousmind.com.

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